Thinking of Guam

It’s 2 a.m. here in Seattle.  Church is in 8 hours.  I’ll go to bed right after this.  Hmmm.  My wife, son, and I just moved out here two months ago from Guam.  We did it, amongst other reasons, for a better life.  Then why do my wife and I think so much about Guam?

You know what I miss already?

  • Dad and Mom
  • Dad and Mom, did I say that already? Ha-ha
  • My bros and sisters there
  • 80 degrees and sunny
  • Wednesday lunch buffet at the Marriott
  • The sunsets
  • Fiesta mix (Barbecue steak, chicken, kelaguen, red rice, pickled cucumbers) from King’s
  • Rotary sushi
  • Wearing t-shirt and zories from Kmart
  • Warm water at Ypao beach
  • Fresh coconut juice
  • Driving around the island
  • Working at Dad’s farm
  • Health World
  • Singing by Micronesians
  • Listening to KTWG
  • Finadene
  • Hafatel
  • PIBC

Guam is in the middle of a military build up right now.  This is positively affecting real property values.  Guam is a good place for lower to middle level investment.  It is possible to find $175,000 condominiums (2BD, 2 bath) and rent it out for $1000 -$1200.  That is a great return on investment!  Property taxes are also very low.  Only 1%.  And condofees run between $150 – $250 on average.


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