Explanation of the Gospel of JC p3

The devil thought he got JC (Jesus Christ) then.  But the Bible says that through the death of Jesus Christ,the devil was destroyed!! 

But JC is GOD, not just man, so He was raised up from the dead.  GOD cannot die; for He is immortal.  Please remember we are talking about Jesus Christ, a real person who walked the face of this earth.  He is a GOD-man.  Fully GOD and at the same time fully man.  After He rose from the dead, He flew up into Heaven and sat back down at his spot right next to GOD, the Father.

Well, Jesus Christ through his death, ‘paid the price’ for everyone’s sins.  That is why He is sometimes called the Lamb of GOD.  In old time Israel, lambs were sacrificed on the altar for temporary ‘payment’ of sins.  So, in Jesus Christ’s hand rests your life.  For the Bible says the wages of sin is death.  And John 3:16 says that whoever believes in Jesus Christ will have eternal life.  If one will just believe in Jesus Christ, that He is GOD, not a god, but Son of the Most High GOD Himself, then your sins will be taken away or be atoned for.  2,000 years ago, someone you did not know, already purchased your eternal life for you.  Deep down inside, everyone knows there is eternity in them.  This is where it lies.  It lies through GOD, through relationship with Him and to be purified by His blood. 

There are a lot of religions and gods, why do I believe in Jesus Christ?  Because He must be GOD.  The Bible says GOD is love.  GOD is good.  GOD is powerful.  GOD is wise.  GOD is rich.  And the Gospel of Jesus Christ shows me that Jesus Christ is all those things.  The Word came to earth and became one of us, so accepting, and gave His life for us.  He didn’t just give His life, He showed us how to live a life of giving and sharing with others.  Just read the Bible.  Jesus Christ died for us, so that we might be blessed not cursed and have a good life.  Only a most powerful GOD could do this, an the more one studies the Gospel, one will began to see the infinite wisdom of GOD.  At first hearing, the Gospel sounds foolish, but when one really begans to hear, one only hears grace, mercy, love, power, and wisdom.  The Bible says that Jesus Christ is GOD in the flesh, and that being true, He is the Creator of all things, and so He is infinitely rich.  I’m careful not to knock other religions, your faith is important, just as mine is to me.  Everyone who loves GOD is seeking Him, and trying to see His face.  You may be able to find GOD as a Buddhist, Muslim, or Jew but I really believe, and this is just me talking right now, that you will never be able to know Him, really know Him and who He really is unless you first know His name, is real name, and that is Jesus.  Please take that step, and call on His name!

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  1. jchenwa

     /  September 18, 2010

    Hold on, new information released on this one. Names not so important, but the Spirit is.

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