My gift is…no gift?

Not really.

I’m talking about spiritual gifts today. What are they? Well, they are abilities that GOD gives a believer to build up the church…not the building, but to actually build up another believer or believers.

One is giving. Most obviously, it is giving money to people in the church. But it could be other things like your talents and time. Believe it or not, but most people are not naturally inclined to give…with no strings attached. Giving generously and unselfishly and as directed by the LORD is a spiritual gift or ability.

The topic of this post is another gift called helps.  It is the ability to come alongside someone else and…help.  Basically it is NOT being the boss and assisting someone else.  How do I know what it is?  Because I think it is a gift I may have.

Being an assistant is not sexy or glamourous.  To the contrary, it is not a desirable position (reward – wise) and seems kind of effeminate (a position for men to have).  But one of the most buff characters we see in the Bible, Joshua (general of GOD’s army Israel), was in fact Moses’ assistant until Moses passed the torch to him.

Why do I mention helps now?  Lately the theme of purpose or call has been all around me.  Purhaps some of you readers’ call is to serve someone right now.  To put your own dreams and agenda on the shelf for now and just assist someone else and be directed by someone else.  Why do that?  Well, I really believe in order to learn to lead one must learn to be a good follower.  Perhaps a leadership is there on the horizon for you, but GOD may be asking you to serve first.

If this resonates with you?  You might be asking…how do I know if I have this gift?  Is this part of my purpose?

That’s between you and GOD.  But some hints that this may be your “call” – Are you all around with your skills?  Are you ‘not really good at anything?  A Jack of All Trades?’  How about your personality?  Are you too nice?  Are you a peacemaker?  Do you follow directions very easily?  Do you think you’ve been easily misled? 

Instead of looking at yourself as a failure.  Instead of asking yourself why haven’t I had the success my peers have had?  Perhaps GOD has a different path for you.  One that involves servitude. 

Once it was Joshua’s time to lead.  He did not become a prophet like Moses.  He became a general.  So say you serve a pastor, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will become one either.  You may.  But GOD’s ways are so incredible.  He is so wise.

I hope this post at least makes sense to one other person than myself.  Hope it helps.

One last thing I’d like to mention.  “I’d rather serve the LORD in Heaven as a janitor, than rule with the dark enemy.”  I would be infintely more blessed!

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