Movie Review – Yes Man

I liked it.

Probably because I also believe in ‘the power of yes’.  But, not all opportunites are good opportunities.  Jim Carrey’s movies have lately been extremely insightly in a spiritual way, not just because he did Bruce Almighty, but because he touches on themes of lives being changed for the better, characters changing, love, altruism, heroism, and benevolence and charity and generosity. 

Yeah, I’m a fan.

I typed in ‘Jim Carrey Christian’, and I got a video from CBS.  It shows Jim Carrey saying he’s not.  Why do I care if he goes to heaven or not?  I don’t even know him personally. 

Well, as in my testimony, and the testimony of many others, Jesus Christ changed my life so much for the better.  I still have struggles in life, but it goes beyond words.  But I pray that Mr. Jim Carrey will accept our LORD Jesus Christ.  Anyone with like heart please also keep this man in prayer.

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