GOD loves gays

Try that on for size.

It is true, the Bible actually says very little about homosexuality, which is a very big thing right now.  I got that from watching ‘Religulous’, a movie by atheist Bill Maher.  In this movie he brings up some very good questions!  He makes some of us brothers and sisters look foolish, but we should be prepared to give good answers about our faith.

Please forgive me as I stumble through this post.  But I feel this must be said, in light of all that is currently said in Christiandom regarding the Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Community.

First of all…GOD is love.  He is always kind, and generous.  I believe that GOD wants everyone to have the best life possible, whatever that may be.  In the Word, it is said that he causes the sun to shine on all, and the rain to fall on all.  On all who believe and those that don’t.  On those that obey with all their heart, and those that don’t. (more…)

Job, the man

I was stricken with an illness that left me weakened and very sleepy for the last few days.  Boy, did I not feel myself.  I also had mild anxiety attacks that I would be this way for a very long time.  Something, my productive self is not comfortable with.  I still don’t know exactly what happened, but I have an idea.  And will do all I can to prevent this from happening again.  I didn’t like it. (more…)

Strong men

I’m strong.  But these last few days, I was weak.  Not by choice, but I got sick.  My wife, bless her, was taking such good care of me.  But at that point, she could’ve wooped my butt.  I’m reminded of a verse in the Bible that says we shouldn’t be proud of who or what we are.  The rich man don’t be proud that you’re rich, the wise man don’t be proud that you are wise, and the strong don’t be proud that you’re strong.  But be proud that you know the LORD. (more…)

The Corrupted flesh, Our Unhealthy Bodies

I have a thought.  Could it be that with each passing generation, our bodies face the ever increasing problem of pollution?  We know that our world is becoming more and more polluted.  Even the foods we eat are filled with pesticides, hormones, mercury, etc…Hence, the rise of organic farming and foods.

These pollutants get into our bodies, our cells.  Our bodies work to get them out.  But, some probably stay in the system for a while if not indefinitely.  These pollutants get into our sperms and eggs, and when we have a child, these pollutants are probably there at birth.  In other words, our bodies are corrupted. (more…)

I Ain’t Singing In Church

Lately, and I don’t know why it’s taken this long.  I haven’t been singing in church.

I don’t have to.  No one can make me.  And sometimes the songs are so sentimental and sappy that I must look utterly ridiculous singing the songs.  I know that we must honor GOD with all that we are and all that we have.  Some brothers and sisters, myself included at some point, think that we honor our LORD with our breath and voices which He gave us.  But can’t I pick songs I like?  One blog I’ve read says this,”And I’m tired of singing songs that speak of Jesus as if he’s my boyfriend.”  Reference: http://brokenpilgrim.wordpress.com/2008/02/02/thoughts-about-leaving/ (more…)

On tithing…again!

plater_02Just today, I found a fantastic e-book written by Graeme Carle; found at tithingdebate.com.  (By the way, I borrowed the offering plate image from them as well.  Thank you.)  It was a real eye-opener.  Very well written and easy to follow.  Mr. Carle walks you through the current tithing debate and gives biblical proof against the current teachings on tithing (to tithe). 

I am so impressed by this book that I’ll be hosting it for download, gratis of course!  I hope that is not a problem.  If it is please contact me and I’ll take it down immediately.

Some ideas I’d like to share after reading: (more…)

A False Claim

Why are GOD’s people expected to suffer?  Why are some of GOD’s people rather poor?  Some are rich.  But, some live quite modestly.  While, unbelievers roll in the dough.   

There is a battle going on.  The war was won by our King and Champion Jesus Christ.  He KO’d the enemy, the evil one on the cross.  But the battle is for the souls of men and earth.

Near the beginning, I believe that the evil one laid claim on the earth and all in it.  We know that all creation belongs to GOD the Father, who is forever and forever praised!  Amen. (more…)

Weights and Being Big

I’m big.  I wasn’t always so big.  But now I am.  People often ask me?  How do you get big like that?

Well, the real answer, the answer I want to give…is it was the result of me being in a car accident.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  And getting hit by a car and living probably forced my body to ‘toughen up’. 

Now, you’re probably thinking…great!  How does that help me?  For surely no one is going to literally risk life and limb to be big this way.  No, no, no.  Since I got big (220), I’ve learned how to get bigger (280).  And it is basically three components.  The first is genetics.  If you have a tendency to size up, like me, then it comes naturally and you just do the second one, eat.  The third one, believe it or not, for me, was prayer.  I asked GOD to increase me from 220 to 280.  And He heard and now I weigh that.  Oh, a last tip, which to me is a given, is you have to harden up your size, by working. 

So what are the benefits of being big?  Most people want the respect and fear from people.  Well, for sure I could take people apart if I want.  But really, I don’t want to.  I don’t think it is GOD’s way, unless He’s really upset.  I think GOD would much rather restrain or bind evil or bad guys.  Not destroy them.  I believe GOD is big into redemption.  He likes to turn the bad into good.  Some Christian should invent GODfu!  Ha-ha. (more…)

Hammer and Fire


We may be getting soft. 

We may be developing an imbalanced view of GOD, of what it means to be people…

What am I talking about?  I’m think I’m as open minded as the next guy, but certain things are not negotiable in the Bible.  Even our LORD Jesus Christ had to get tough in the Bible.  It’s NOT all about love. 

The WORD is also described as Hammer and Fire in the book of Isaiah.  I used to feel guilty about getting tough with kids, tough with people.  But no more, just as GOD created much diversity in all we see, I believe that toughness is needed — especially with those who’ve gone bad.  Gone real bad.  (more…)

Best places to live


I know you’re out there.  Being a real estate guy as well, what’s important?  Location, location, location.  I’ve lived on Guam, of course, Madison, Wisconsin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle.  I’ve never lived abroad.  Too bad.

I’ve always wanted to see what London is like.

My favorite, and I’m not just saying this is Guam.  I guess I’m not needing fun things to do anymore.  I still like to see the world and experience new things, and eat good food.  But I’m much more into my family now.  And it’s on Guam.  Guam is a bit boring.  There don’t seem to be many family-type activities to do.  More on Guam later, perhaps I could put together some sort of guide to Guam, but later.

How about you?

Please name at least 5 places you’ve lived and which you like the best.  Nothing heavy, nothing serious.  It’s a chance for some of you to chime in.

You go!

Real Estate – Property Management and Renting

Just so I’m not perceived as a total Christian dork, I resolve this day, May 1, 2009, to at least have a few non-Christian related posts per month. 

Today, I’d like to talk, rant, about real estate.  Specifically renting. 

Now, if you rent, please don’t take this personally, but perhaps this may develop in you a greater sensitivity to those who manage or own the apartments you stay in.


I got a rude awakening into the reality of property management, when one of my tenants ended up being a drug dealer.  Stopped paying rent, and locked me out of the apartment.  Yes, it’s true.  I’m not judging.  But dealing drugs is illegal, not to mention drugs DO NOT do a body good.  That’s milk.  The neighbor of my tenant, saw people going up to the window, and drugs being sold like it was a drug drive-through. (more…)

Mad at GOD

I grew up churched, but did not accept LORD Jesus until 30.  Why? 

Because I was mad at GOD.

Long story short, I really messed up in my teen years.  Really.  Messed.  Up.  And, I blamed GOD for it.  So much so, that at one point in my life….and I’m not proud of this…I said, “GOD doesn’t exist!”

I just pray for those who don’t believe in GOD, because something happened in your life.  I don’t know what.  But, it hurt you bad.  I was hurt bad.  And now, instead of seeking GOD, who is the One who heals, you turn away.

I understand how that is.  And I’m all I’m saying is maybe it’s time to make peace with the One who made you.  He is good.  Like in Forrest Gump…Captain Dan. 

*I’m such a dork*

Peace out everyone!

The Great Money Experiment…Stay Tuned p.1

I’ve been watching Robert Morris’ (Pastor of Gateway Church, Texas) Sermon Series called the Blessed Life.

It’s about how to ‘achieve’ (or receive) a good life.  He has faith in our LORD’s words – Malachi 3, where our LORD says test Me in this, bring the entire tithe into the storehouse, and see if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out so much blessing you cannot contain it. 

I believe too.

And so, I am going to use my blog to record my blessings as I faithfully tithe to my local church.  GOD is no one to be trifled with.  And so, I plead with those who have an ear to hear, try this also in your life.  Faithfully give 10% of your gross income to your local church, where you attend.  The entire 10% goes there.  And see if your life, your overall happiness improves, you get breaks, dare I say…do you get more money back? (more…)