Mad at GOD

I grew up churched, but did not accept LORD Jesus until 30.  Why? 

Because I was mad at GOD.

Long story short, I really messed up in my teen years.  Really.  Messed.  Up.  And, I blamed GOD for it.  So much so, that at one point in my life….and I’m not proud of this…I said, “GOD doesn’t exist!”

I just pray for those who don’t believe in GOD, because something happened in your life.  I don’t know what.  But, it hurt you bad.  I was hurt bad.  And now, instead of seeking GOD, who is the One who heals, you turn away.

I understand how that is.  And I’m all I’m saying is maybe it’s time to make peace with the One who made you.  He is good.  Like in Forrest Gump…Captain Dan. 

*I’m such a dork*

Peace out everyone!

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