Hammer and Fire


We may be getting soft. 

We may be developing an imbalanced view of GOD, of what it means to be people…

What am I talking about?  I’m think I’m as open minded as the next guy, but certain things are not negotiable in the Bible.  Even our LORD Jesus Christ had to get tough in the Bible.  It’s NOT all about love. 

The WORD is also described as Hammer and Fire in the book of Isaiah.  I used to feel guilty about getting tough with kids, tough with people.  But no more, just as GOD created much diversity in all we see, I believe that toughness is needed — especially with those who’ve gone bad.  Gone real bad. 

I was a child of Jesus.  But I went real bad, and to get me back on track,  The LORD allowed me to be broken into pieces, literally.  I was in a bad car accident, my hip was shattered into around 50 pieces.  The doctors put me back together though, thank GOD. 

Please don’t buy into the syrup-py soft, lovey dovey, chocolate and rainbows idea of unconditional love — ALL THE TIME.  Those with kids, know that you have to be firm, sometimes hard on your kids to get them on the right track.  And so, I’m asking:

Where are the WARRIORS of GOD?  Those unafraid to water down the truth.  Those who are unafraid to get out there and be seen and be heard!  Those like these guys? 


Mind you, I’m not saying everyone should be like these guys.  Not everyone is called to.  I’m also not saying these guys are better than anyone else.  Everyone has their role to play.  I’m just wondering…where are they?  Is this becoming a lost art?  A dying breed?  I hope not.

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  1. I’d like to add that I believe Scriptures charges us to warn people of the danger of hellfire. But not to be possibly perceived as hateful.

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