Weights and Being Big

I’m big.  I wasn’t always so big.  But now I am.  People often ask me?  How do you get big like that?

Well, the real answer, the answer I want to give…is it was the result of me being in a car accident.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  And getting hit by a car and living probably forced my body to ‘toughen up’. 

Now, you’re probably thinking…great!  How does that help me?  For surely no one is going to literally risk life and limb to be big this way.  No, no, no.  Since I got big (220), I’ve learned how to get bigger (280).  And it is basically three components.  The first is genetics.  If you have a tendency to size up, like me, then it comes naturally and you just do the second one, eat.  The third one, believe it or not, for me, was prayer.  I asked GOD to increase me from 220 to 280.  And He heard and now I weigh that.  Oh, a last tip, which to me is a given, is you have to harden up your size, by working. 

So what are the benefits of being big?  Most people want the respect and fear from people.  Well, for sure I could take people apart if I want.  But really, I don’t want to.  I don’t think it is GOD’s way, unless He’s really upset.  I think GOD would much rather restrain or bind evil or bad guys.  Not destroy them.  I believe GOD is big into redemption.  He likes to turn the bad into good.  Some Christian should invent GODfu!  Ha-ha.

Honestly, I think if you are meant to be big, by GOD”s design and purpose, you will be.  Maybe I’ll shrink in a couple of years, I don’t know.  But for now, I’m big, I don’t know why, but I’m big.  I’ve seen guys in the gym pumping away, and taking supplements by the handfuls.  They grow a little, but once they stop, they just lose everything. 

Not meant to be.

So what does that mean in regards to the whole diet, exercise, perfect body-image thing going in our society?  I think in moderation it’s actually healthy.  Just a little.  But taken too seriously, or to the extreme it can be UNhealthy.  I believe the GOD makes people in all shapes and sizes.  After all, the animal world isn’t only cats, gazelle, and other sexy looking beasts.  We also have awkward looking fellows like the elephant, the whales, cows, hippos, and pigs.  They all belong.  I don’t see any elephants having complexes about their size and shape…

But, the benefits of being big again…you know, I can only think of the negatives right now.  People don’t like you.  They automatically think you’re aggressive.  They look around for a cop or security.  Well, once you get used to that you start to think of ways to ‘disarm’ or put people at ease.  The easiest thing is to let them ‘control’ you or think you’re dumb.  Because if you are under control then that’s ok.  The worst thing is to have some giant going on a rampage like Godzilla.  And people will also insult you or provoke you.  I think some people don’t realize they are doing it.  It is like a kid poking a stick at a lion, trying to tick it off.  If you’re ok with that, then go ahead, by all means be big. 

I do lift weights, but not obsessively.  It’s just to keep my muscles strong and toned up.  Since I eat, and put on weight I need muscles to burn food and also I don’t want to be as I heard a friend say, “fat-fat”.  Ha-ha.  I’m fit-fat not fat-fat. 

Some last thoughts for those that want to be big.  You can do it through a lot of hard work.  But, wouldn’t you rather spend that time with those that you love?  Instead of being an awe-inspiring body, or look like a butt-kicker, wouldn’t you rather help some people, be a good friend, something like that?  To me that’s really fulfilling, making difference in the world.  What do you think?

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