A False Claim

Why are GOD’s people expected to suffer?  Why are some of GOD’s people rather poor?  Some are rich.  But, some live quite modestly.  While, unbelievers roll in the dough.   

There is a battle going on.  The war was won by our King and Champion Jesus Christ.  He KO’d the enemy, the evil one on the cross.  But the battle is for the souls of men and earth.

Near the beginning, I believe that the evil one laid claim on the earth and all in it.  We know that all creation belongs to GOD the Father, who is forever and forever praised!  Amen.

And in the hands of the evil one, we saw/see men turning to evil ways and the earth becoming corrupted.  We see this today.

I’ve heard that we are all players (Shakespeare), we’re just pawns…someone else said that.  It’s true to some extent, that we are caught up in something bigger.  A battle for glory.  Only GOD gets the glory.  Only GOD (Father, Son, and Holy Spirity) is GOD.  And we, His people, belong to Him. 

Those who belong to GOD, our LORD Jesus, will love Him.  And to me, loving Him, means at least being in good relationship with Him, reflecting His character, and doing His will, and treasuring Him…

That’s why I believe some Christians are called to suffer.  It glorifies GOD!  It says to people, I love Jesus so much.  So much more than money.  It is a powerful statement that GOD is such an amazing person that I would rather be poor than be without Him.  That is so incredible.  I’d rather be sick with Him, than healthy without Him.  Amazing!   

If you don’t have Jesus in your life, what are you waiting for?  Pray!  Call out to Him!  Listen for His voice.  You don’t have to go to church.  GOD is not limited to being in the church building…NO, NO, NO.  GOD is bigger than that!  The Bible says Heaven is His throne and the earth is His footstool.  Nothing can contain the LORD!  He is awesome!!! 

He really is that incredible and amazing.  My life testifies to that!  Not in the same way now, but I’m on His side forever, come what may.

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  1. jchenwa

     /  May 6, 2009

    I don’t mean don’t go to church. Just that GOD is not only a Sunday thing. Please don’t misunderstand! :)

  2. bjhulk

     /  May 6, 2009

    I haven’t been in a church in 16 years and know God very well. So it doesn’t bother me at all what you said about not going to church. LOL

    I like many things you said that tells me you have wisdom. First of all, you said those who belong to God will love him. Do you realize how many Christians don’t believe that some people belong to him and some don’t? They don’t understand that God chose his faithful people before the foundations of the world.

    I also like the way you said to listen to his voice. Most Christians only rely on the Bible for God’s word, which isn’t his word at all. The word is the spirit of Jesus Christ, remember the first paragraphs in John. So how can the Bible be the word of God, when the word is a spirit.

    When you said nothing can contain the Lord, this says that the Bible is only a small part of who God is and you’re absolutely right. I would love to pick each other’s brains for a while because I believe you are a true child of God on the way to become a son of God. Do you know what a son of God is? Of course only through the Jesus Christ that is. Without him being the first son of God, no man after him could have been a son of God. Read 1 John and you will learn what a child of God and son of God means. I am a son of God since last summer and help God’s children come into the Kingdom. If you really are a child of God, you will follow the spirit of God and obey his every command. Pray on this my friend and listen to what God commands you to do in regards to have me work with you.

    God bless you,

  3. jchenwa

     /  May 6, 2009

    Yes, those led by the Spirit of the LORD are the sons of GOD. Thanks for working with me, I hope I don’t disappoint!

  4. bjhulk

     /  May 6, 2009

    You will never disappoint if you love the Lord. I have to get to bed since I live in Barcelona but I’ll share more with you tomorrow if you don’t mind. You have what it takes my friend and I’ll be at your service until you have a good understanding of what’s going on. The Lord will do all the work in you but I will help keep you from Satan’s deception and preach the spirit to you. Satan will be all over you, trying to keep you from the Kingdom. I’m just warning you so you know what’s up if I stop you from believing or saying something that is not of God. He has no effect on me at all since I’m in the spirit and he knows that. But he will try deceive you while I share God with you. If you really love God and want to know him, then just listen to the spirit that’s in me and he will guide you home.

    God bless you,

  5. bjhulk

     /  May 7, 2009

    Just checking to see if you’re still interested in hearing what I have to say. I’ll be around tomorrow.

    God bless you,

  6. jchenwa

     /  May 7, 2009

    Yes, of course. I’m hearing…

  7. bjhulk

     /  May 8, 2009

    I’ll give you an overview of God’s plan for this age so you can understand why he allowed Satan on earth in the first place.

    If you go back to when Adam and Eve were deceived by the serpent, God cursed the serpent, who is Satan, to have enmity against the woman, who is the Holy Spirit.

    14: The LORD God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, cursed are you above all cattle, and above all wild animals; upon your belly you shall go, and dust you shall eat all the days of your life.
    15: I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.”

    Then between his seed and the woman’s seed, which are all those who will receive the Holy Spirit including the first born, Jesus Christ. Then Satan would be bruised on the head by Jesus Christ when he died for the sins of the whole world and defeated Satan and his powers. Then Satan would bruise his heel, which are all the saints he sent his Holy Spirit to. So this enmity, or hate would be between Satan and the Holy Spirit.

    These saints and Jesus Christ make up the Kingdom of God, which is the Holy Spirit that they all belong to. God created the spirit of Jesus Christ first and then created everything else through his spirit. God knew he needed a Kingdom to rule in the next world after he destroys this earth with his fire so he had to find the right people to rule with Jesus.

    He used this age to find people who believed in him and would obey his commands. But the only way he could find them was through faith. Since he allowed Satan to hate the Holy Spirit and cast him down to the earth, a blanket of deception covered the world. With this deception, only the strongest of faith will find his way out of this deception. They will hear God’s voice and obey his commands to repent of sins so they can receive the Holy Spirit.

    God knew everyone of these people of faith before he created anything. Then he created these people in the spirit of Jesus Christ, which is the Holy Spirit and also the Word. This was the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. There are actually thirty some names in the Bible to describe this Kingdom so it confuses some readers what the Kingdom is all about.

    As these people are born in the flesh, they hear the voice of the spirit that was preached and their faith is established. They begin to follow this Holy Spirit and obey God whenever he asks them to do something, usually to repent of a sin or sins. After forgiving them of those sins he might test their faith with a healing or miracle by causing them to get into a situation where they have to ask for help.

    After praying to God for a miracle, God will respond and this test will increase the faith of the person that is needed for the more difficult sins that he will have to let go of. God is in total control of this person’s repentance and forgiveness process and he knows exactly how to make it happen as long as this person obeys him.

    Many people who were called by God don’t make it to this point but God already knows this and that’s why he didn’t create them in the spirit of Jesus. Only the one’s he knew would make it into the Kingdom were made for Christ. This is why Jesus said that he knew his sheep. In the book of Revelation it tells us about the book of life. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life so those who were made in him are in the book of life.

    Jesus came to preach the Kingdom of God. Since the Kingdom of God is the Holy Spirit, he is actually preaching the spirit. This is the voice that is carried to those chosen one’s who belong to Jesus. Once they hear his voice, their faith kicks in and they will follow him. These are the lost sheep that Jesus talked about.

    He also talked about the other sheep in his fold. They are the men of faith like Noah, Abraham, Israel, Moses, David and the other prophets who had to wait until he died on the cross for the sins of all men before they could receive the Holy Spirit. Since they are already dead in the flesh, they will have to wait until they get new bodies in the new world to experience the Holy Spirit. This is why it is said that the first will be last and the last will be first. These men from the old testament will were first to have faith and the promise of eternal life but the last to get the spirit of Christ. The saints who came after Jesus were last to have faith but the first to receive the Holy Spirit.

    All these saints will receive new spiritual bodies when they are delivered into the new earth to start their reign in Jesus Christ, which is Heaven. All the other people who didn’t have the right faith were created as men, both male and female. These spirits, like the spirits of the saints, will get new bodies and live forever in the new world. Before anyone gets to the new world, they will die in the flesh because the flesh is mortal and cannot be used in the next life. Most everyone has already died but the destruction that is coming soon will kill off all the rest of the flesh that is still standing. The saints will all be killed as it is prophesied in Revelation 6: 9-11. So no flesh will survive the transition to the next age.

    I’ll stop here to see how you react to this and if you have any questions to ask me. This Kingdom of the spirit is the central thing of God’s plan so that’s why I started with this. If you can understand these things, then you’re well on your way to the spirit. Your obedience to God is the most important part of our walk with him. No matter how many sins or how bad you think they are, God can forgive you of them. But if you don’t obey him, there is nothing he can do and you will lose out on eternal life. Everyone comes into the Kingdom differently but we all came in by the spirit of Jesus Christ.

    Before I leave, I would like to know your name so when I come back tomorrow, I can call you by your name. Every saint had a first name.

    God bless you,

  8. Hey Brad, I’m Jim. What you said makes sense to me, but a I have a few questions:

    1) What does it mean when you say the woman, who is the Holy Spirit?
    2) Do you us the Spirit of Jesus and Holy Spirit synonomously?
    3) Could you talk about why GOD calls but doesn’t not create in the Spirit?

    Thanks for sharing,

  9. I meant to type ‘use’ instead of us in number 2.

  10. bjhulk

     /  May 8, 2009

    Many things in scripture isn’t understood because people don’t know how to intepret them. They need the spirit in them to intepret them correctly.

    When I read about this curse on Satan and saw the enmity between him and the woman, I thought it meant Eve right away. I know how God uses scriptures to hide various understandings in them, especially evident in the prophesies. He will slip a very important message somewhere in a scripture that isn’t describing the same thing.

    So by looking further ahead in this scripture and see that the hate of Satan is against Jesus and his saints, then it was easy to figure out the woman was the Holy Spirit, or spirit of God. Those who are born of the spirit would be attacked by those born of Satan. This message can be understood in many parts of the Bible.

    The false prophet of Revelation is Satan and the beast is his deception over the entire world. Only the saints will come out of the beast when they receive the Holy Spirit, killed and go up to heaven with Christ.

    We also know that the Romans killed all the saints with the Roman Catholic church killing them after that. The reason they were killed was because of the enmity between Satan and the woman, who was the Holy Spirit.

    The spirit of Jesus Christ has over 30 different names used for it in the Bible. The Kingdom of God is one of them. This is what Jesus came to preach. Heaven is also the spirit of Christ and so is the name Jesus Christ or the spirit of God or God’s Kingdom. There is only one spirit and that spirit lives in the lives of all who belong to the spirit of Jesus Christ, who is also God. It get’s a little confusing so it’s easier to just think of one spirit, who is God. God claimed to be the only God all throughout the old testament and Jesus never claimed there was another spirit besides his Father, God.

    God has the ability to see and know everything. With this omniscient power, he knew who would have enough faith to make it into his Kingdom. Many will be called, even the Muslims, Jews and many other people around the world have been called by God but only a few will have enough faith to obey God and repent of all their sins and be forgiven by him.

    If you notice, there are many ministries that are into healing and performing miracles. Joel Olsteen is involved in one of these ministries and they make all kinds of money. They followed God until they learned about his power to heal but they stopped following him and live high on the hog with his power. These are the people Jesus warned about who would not make it into his Kingdom when he comes to gather the elect.

    God knew all this before he created them in the spirit of Christ, who was created in God and called the Word. So these people who stopped following God were not created in Christ’s spirit, therefore, were not written in the book of Life that we read about in Revelation 21. The only people written in the book of Life are those who were created in the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.

    This is why Jesus knew all his sheep and the other sheep who were the faithful one’s of the old testament. They were all made in him.

    God bless you,

  11. jchenwa

     /  May 8, 2009

    Brad, thanks so much for explaining, everything you said makes sense. Really. I pray that this knowledge be shared to all who need to read it.

    In Christ,

  12. jchenwa

     /  May 9, 2009

    Rev. Pastor Morris also has a sermon series on the Holy Spirit @ http://www.gatewaypeople.com/index.php?action=res_series_details&sid=170

  13. bjhulk

     /  May 9, 2009

    I’ll check these sermons and let you know what I think.

    You are definitely on the track to his spirit. Just keep on following the truth and obey God in everything. Anyone who hears the truth and agrees with it is being led by the Holy Spirit.

    If you want me to keep on sharing with you, let me know. I don’t want to waste your time.

    Your friend in Christ,

  14. bjhulk

     /  May 9, 2009

    I watched 5 minutes of this guy and had to turn him off. He has no clue what the Holy Spirit is.

    I had a pastor who was teaching the Holy Spirit in a similar fashion and he was far from the truth also. The Holy Spirit causes us to preach the gospel of the Kingdom. It is God who comes to live in us with all his power. He is not some spiritual person that comes into play games of prophesing about peoples lives.

    It’s best if you don’t listen to men like this because it’s all about a show with no substance. He called all his congregation brothers and sisters and the spirit knows that only those in the spirit are brothers and sisters in the Lord. There are many things to look at to see if they are of the Holy Spirit or not. In fact, if he had the real Holy Spirit in him, he wouldn’t be a pastor of a large church. Most of the congregation would leave because of the truth that is spoken.

    The easiest way to tell if someone is in the spirit or not is if they’re teaching false doctrines. The Holy Spirit never teaches false doctrines because the spirit is God. The scriptures teach a few things like the spirit of God knows that Jesus was born in the flesh and not as God. Anyone saying Jesus is the Son of God is of the Holy Spirit. But these aren’t good tests because people can lie. I heard two people in a blog one time confessing that Jesus was born in the flesh but they were not of God because they were totally against the truth that I write about. The only good way to know if someone is lying or not is to have the Holy Spirit identify them.

    When I’m with someone in person, it only takes seconds to identify the spirit in them. The Holy Spirit knows the spirit in another person so it identifies itself right away.

    I have to go now but if you want, I’ll be back to share some more with you.

    Bless you my friend,

  15. jchenwa

     /  May 11, 2009

    Hi Brad,

    I just got sick, thanks to GOD for the healing.

    Could you talk about why a true pastor wouldn’t be one of a large church?

    And please share some more. I’m hearing.

  16. bjhulk

     /  May 12, 2009

    I hope you’re recovered now and ready to learn some things about God. Maybe that’s why he healed you up so quickly. LOL

    I don’t use the word’s true pastors or priests. I usually say whether they have the spirit of God in them or not.

    When God gives those of us his spirit, we get an incredible urge to preach the gospel of the Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is the Holy Spirit so when we preach this spirit, a spiritual voice goes out to those who need to hear it. When Jesus came preaching in a city with his disiciple’s, the spiritual voice is heard all over the city. Many people would come to him for healings and miracles would be performed by God as Jesus was doing his work. While he was there, he might have found a few people who were chosen to be in the Kingdom. Sometimes Jesus would stay there for a while and preach to them until they repented of all their sins and were ready for the Kingdom. All they had to do was wait until Jesus died and went to heaves so they could get the Holy Spirit.

    Once Jesus finished in that city, he would go to the next one looking for his lost sheep, the one’s who belong in his spirit. So this is how Jesus and all his saints found some of the lost sheep while they were still alive. None of them set up buildings to preach from. They preached from any place they could but the buildings were not important to them. They knew they had to travel out to the people to find the lost.

    What you see today has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit that the true church was founded on. When the saints preached the spirit, the true Word of God was spoken straight from God. Most people cannot tolerate this truth so they don’t stick around. They reject it and go back to their way of understanding.

    Even though Jesus had some large crowds sometimes, he didn’t stay anywhere long enough for people to get deceived. When someone is hearing the truth, that last thing you want is to have people trying to steal the truth from them with their lies and false understanding. So by moving from city to city like this, Jesus was able to keep out most deception until the people he preached to were strong enough in their faith to handle it. Then he could move on.

    When I see a large church today, I know the pastor doesn’t have the Holy Spirit in him. Otherwise he would leave his church and go out and preach the true gospel of the spirit. If he preached the spirit in his church, most people would leave after a few minutes. Then there wouldn’t be anyone left in his church to pay for his luxury home and the big new car he just purchased. This is why they don’t preach the truth.

    I have been preaching the gospel on MySpace since last November and I only have a few people that like what I’m preaching. None of them have the Holy Spirit yet but if they keep on following the spirit of God that is having them listen to me, then they might end up receiving his spirit.

    The experience with God is an individual thing and it’s not necessary to go to church to know him. I left the church 16 years ago because God wanted me out of there. Later I learned that all the teachings that were being taught in the Christians churches I belonged to were false doctrines. They also believed in a false gospel of Jesus’s death, burial and resurrection. This isn’t the gospel Jesus came to preach. He came to preach the gospel of the Holy Spirit, which is the Kingdom of God.

    All the teachings in Christianity today should be centered around the Holy Spirit and finding those people who belong to it. But this is not what’s happening at all. Most pastor’s know nothing about the Holy Spirit so they can’t even teach about it.

    But they aren’t afraid to tell new converts after their sinners prayer that they have the Holy Spirit. This is a lie to any new convert because you have to be perfectly sinless before receiving the Holy Spirit. Pastors don’t even know about this so how can they possibly teach these things.

    All the people who say this sinners prayer are all deceived of the truth and this is where their Holy Spirit opportunity is robbed. If they think they have the real Holy Spirit in them, they won’t be looking to God for it and there’s no need to obey God and go through the repentance of sins and forgiveness part that God always takes his saints through.

    So now this church fills up with people who have no clue about the spirit. Since the pastor doesn’t understand it either, no one knows the difference and the church grows to big numbers.

    I was involved in a church of 3,000 members and the pastor finally started teaching about the Holy Spirit. He was excited about it and so was I and everyone else. After a year he got into showing us these spiritual things by having people fall down in the spirit and other things. That was okay to me but then he said he could read the hearts of men. He had people stand up in the congregration and then he proceeded to tell the rest of the congregation what problems they had in their hearts.

    I knew this wasn’t from God, so I took my family and we left. The pastor’s own niece approached him with scriptures saying that God is the only one who knows the hearts of men but he wouldn’t listen to her. A few weeks later a friend of mine said the pastor was having people crawl on the floor barking like dogs. Then I knew that his mind was taken over by the wrong spirit. If he had the Holy Spirit in him, he wouldn’t have gotten attacked the way he did. I believe he was finding the truth, but he didn’t have enough faith in God to follow the right spirit. He ended up with less than a hundred followers after preaching for 25 years.

    I don’t believe there are any churches in Christianity today that has a saint for a pastor. This is how far away the teachings of the true church of Christ is now. I’m stuck in a country that I don’t speak the language so that’s why I’m on my computer trying to preach to people.

    The spoken Word of God is much better than writing it because there is limited power in the written Word. I went to an A.A. meeting since I’m an old recovered alc0h0lic and had the right to go. I preached the gospel to them when it was my turn to talk, and then I saw God’s power at work. Three adult men were weeping while I spoke the Word and talked about love, God and sin in their lives. Everyone felt the power and I was told afterwards that it was very powerful, but he warned me to only talk about myself the next time.

    The second meeting I went to, a woman approached me about God. After one other meeting with her she was seeing God’s miracles because I had told her to pray and ask him to come into her life. The Holy Spirit is the one responsible for all this. All I have to do is open my mouth and let it out.

    If the leaders of the churches had the spirit in them, you wouldn’t recognize the church because there wouldn’t be any buildings to go to. We would just meet once in a while wherever we could to share our wealth with the poorer ones and go on preaching down another route from the last one we were on. Christ’s church was a moving church, not a place where we could amuse ourselves and pretend we are Godly.

    I have to run so I’ll stop here. Ask me any questions and I’ll answer them when I get back.

    Bless you my friend,

  17. jchenwa

     /  May 13, 2009

    Hi Brad,

    Wow. Blew my mind. Could you answer:

    1) Please talk more about the Gospel of Holy Spirit…I always thought it was Gospel of Jesus Christ? And please provide Scriptures to support.

    2) I always thought a genuine ‘sinner’s prayer’ from geniune faith asking the LORD to be LORD and Saviour….if accepted by the LORD Jesus…your sins were washed…and then the Holy Spirit was sent.

    Thanks for participating in the blog discussions,

  18. bjhulk

     /  May 14, 2009

    Hi Jim,

    Here’s something I wrote in the spirit and put it in a blog on MySpace.com. This will explain many things in the Bible for you.

    Heavenly Names

    Throughout the Bible there are many names describing the spirit of Jesus Christ and those who share it.

    Jesus Christ

    Kingdom of God

    Kingdom of Jesus Christ

    Kingdom of Heaven

    Kingdom of the Spirit

    Kingdom of Christ

    God’s Kingdom

    The Church of Jesus Christ

    The True Church of Christ

    The Church of the Saints

    The Church of God

    The Saints

    The Elect

    The Chosen one’s

    The Righteous one’s

    The Holy Spirit

    The Remnant

    The New Jerusalem


    The Truth

    The Way

    The Life

    Life in Christ

    The Light

    The Remnant of Israel

    The Remnant of Jacob

    The Two Sticks

    The Spirit

    The Spirit of God

    Sons of God

    Friends in Christ


    Men of Faith

    The Faithful


    The Christian Church

    The Church of Christ

    The Rock

    The Lord

    The Lord’s Kingdom

    Eternal Life

    The Word

    The Word of God

    The Church

    God’s Grace

    The Sheep

    The Loved One’s

    The Disciples of Jesus Christ

    The Lord’s Disciples

    My Beloved

    These names are the most important names in the scriptures because they all belong to the spirit of God that makes them heavenly. Is your name in this list?

    God bless you all my friends,

    This should explain the gospel to you. The gospel Jesus came to preach was the spirit, not his death, burial and resurrection, which was important in this gospel but it isn’t the gospel Jesus preached.

    When we preach the spirit, it is the voice of the spirit that carries throughout the world. This is why Jesus said right before the end comes, that the gospel will be preached to the whole world. It won’t take very many preachers to cover the whole world in the spirit. Then the end will come. Now that we have some saints preaching the spirit, I believe the end is coming but not until all the saints are in the Kingdom, which still could be some years away yet.

    No, the sinner’s prayer is something man put together. It has nothing to do with salvation. Many people who were called by God into faith end up saying this prayer and the get deceived. Some of them will get stuck in Christianity all their lives without finding the spirit of God. I was fortunate to have God working strongly in me after that prayer to know the difference in the true God and the false one that is given in the sinners prayer. What I mean by false god is Satan’s deception. This is called the beast in Revelation. So all those who say this prayer come into the beast of religion. This beast covers the whole world so we go from deception in the world such as alcoholism into the deception of Christianity. So by saying this prayer, you didn’t accomplish anything but more deception.

    Believe me, I don’t think there is a pastor in Christianity today that has the Holy Spirit in them. If they did, they would be preaching the spirit rather than preaching meaningless words out of the Bible. The Bible is only good for those who have the spirit to interpret it. So if you’re reading and studying the Bible, make sure it is the spirit that guides you and not your own interpretations that will deceive you. If you still have sin in your life, you won’t see the scriptures you need to see. This is why you need the spirit to guide you.

    It’s not easy making it into the Kingdom, just like Jesus said. Many will be called but only a few will make it. It’s all about have faith and trust in the Lord, especially when it comes to removing your sins. Usually he takes away the sin that could cause you death, like my alcoholism. Then he starts doing things like allowing you to get a disease that can’t be healed by the doctors. This is a test for your faith so when this disease starts to bother you real badly, you will go to him in faith and ask him to heal you. Within days it will go away and your faith and trust in him grows. He might do this many times to get your faith strong so it can handle repenting of a sin that will be difficult for you. Some of us love certain sins, especially the one’s we grew up together with.

    But God works it all out so that he can get every last sin repented of and forgiven so he can move in to your heart and mind and take it over to preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God, which has over 30 names for the spirit of Jesus Christ. This took me 29 years to do and I even said the sinners prayer like most deceived Christians do.

    There’s two different things to look for in God’s grace. One of them is the salvation of all men. This means that God’s created spirits will be saved to the next world after the destruction of all flesh on earth in the fire of God.

    The other part of grace is for those who develop faith in God, obey his commands to repent of their sins and be forgiven, and then be baptized in the Holy Spirit. No one can have the Holy Spirit in him unless he is sinless. There is no such thing as sin covered by the blood. By Jesus dying, the power of sin and death would no longer have any affect on anyone who will give up their lives of sin for him so they can receive eternal life in exchange.

    By saying the sinners prayer in two minutes, you have taken the place of God and did this yourself. No one can give themselves salvation by just saying a few words. Words are meaningless to God unless you mean it. Most people don’t mean it until they are ready to mean it.

    Faith without works is dead. This means if God isn’t working out your justification and purification process, then your faith is meaningless. You don’t have the right faith in God.

    I kind of lost my place in this little comment box but I’ll leave it with this. It is God who works out your salvation, not you. Just kick back and let him work out you faith.

    God bless you,

  19. bjhulk

     /  May 16, 2009

    Did I lose you? If you have any questions, let me know.

  20. jchenwa

     /  May 16, 2009

    Hi Brad,

    I found your Myspace blog and am following along.

    I’m not lost, just meditating on what you said.

    I see in the Bible, our LORD Jesus preaching the Kingdom, but am confused, because I’ve always heard that we have to preach Jesus in order for people to be saved. It seems our LORD was preaching something better and higher. Maybe that’s why some of our churches are in the current shape they are. They are not really seeking the leadership of the Holy Spirit, but content to know that they are going to heaven.

  21. bjhulk

     /  May 16, 2009

    You’re on the right track, Jim. Just keep following the truth like you are doing. It’s the Lord that’s teaching you these things because your mind and heart are opening to him. This comes from the preaching of the gospel, whether it came from me or another preacher of the gospel. I’m not talking about a preacher who preaches the false gospel that’s been preached throughout Christianity. I’m talking about the gospel that Jesus preached.

    The gospel he preached came from the Holy Spirit that was in him. This spirit of Christ’s is the voice of the spirit that is heard by people like yourself and know that it comes from God. The reason they know it’s from God is because it’s likely they were born of God and they don’t know it yet. They will follow this truth, which is the spirit of Jesus, and obey him.

    The gospel that we hear in the churches today don’t have this spiritual power to find the true believers. They attract people with the wonderful music and the articulate preachers instead that has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit. It’s fun and exciting but it only produces a spirit of deception.

    I have about 60 writings on my site in MySpace and you can go ahead and ask me anything you want about them. I’ll be glad to spend as much time as possible to help direct you to the truth. It is the Lord that is moving you and not me. I’m totally incapable of moving anyone because of my easy going nature around people. But the words that are written and spoken through me come with power to convict your heart and mind for the Lord.

    This is the preaching that Jesus was talking about, the preaching that comes with power that also comes with healings and miracles to help people’s unbelief. I recently worked with a woman who wanted to know God. After two short meetings with her she not only believed in God but she saw several miracles happen to help convince her God was real. Now she’s being led by the Lord. This all happened within two weeks.

    I’ll be around so get in touch with me whenever you need some more preaching of the Word.

    God bless you my friend,

  22. bjhulk

     /  May 20, 2009

    Hi Jim,

    I just stopped by to see if you had any questions or what you’re thinking. I gave you a lot here so far and if you’re reading my blogs, then I’ll just be patient and wait until you get back to me. Some of these things you might not agree with but that’s okay, it will straighten out after a while the more you understand God and his ways.

    Take care and I’ll talk with you later,
    Your friend in Christ,

  23. jchenwa

     /  May 28, 2009

    Hi Brad,

    I got sick again, but am reading along. Thanks for the care and yes, I’ll talk soon.

    In JC,

  24. bjhulk

     /  June 7, 2009

    I wrote an hour long message to you last night and I lost the whole thing. It was just some things I’ve been thinking about the past few days since a friend of mine has been deceived with the Saint Paul deception that Satan has been using to cause people to lose their faith. For some reason, they have been led to believe that Paul was not a true apostle of the Lord but this is a ridiculous deception that only Satan could have started. Man’s mind is very weak until they have the Holy Spirit in them.

    If you have any crazy thoughts while reading my teachings, let me know right away because most likely Satan is deceiving you. He does not want you to know about the spirit of the Lord. It’s actually his job to deceive us and that’s why only those who have strong enough faith will get through it. So I will try help you keep the faith while you are learning about these things.

    Any question you have, I will answer it for you. Any doubt you have, let me know exactly what it is and we’ll work through it. The spirit will give you the truth so all you have to do is obey and trust him. He’s the one who will lead you into his Kingdom. I’m just his messenger that he writes and speaks through. After Jesus Christ received his spirit, he said he was a messenger who came to preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God. All the other saints become messengers, too, and go out preaching the gospel to other’s, looking for those who belong to Jesus.

    I’ll keep in touch and in the mean time, if you check out my blogs in MySpace, there’s a lot of reading to do. I think I have 50 0r 60 blogs in the archives now so that will keep you busy for a while.

    Your friend in Christ,

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