I Ain’t Singing In Church

Lately, and I don’t know why it’s taken this long.  I haven’t been singing in church.

I don’t have to.  No one can make me.  And sometimes the songs are so sentimental and sappy that I must look utterly ridiculous singing the songs.  I know that we must honor GOD with all that we are and all that we have.  Some brothers and sisters, myself included at some point, think that we honor our LORD with our breath and voices which He gave us.  But can’t I pick songs I like?  One blog I’ve read says this,”And I’m tired of singing songs that speak of Jesus as if he’s my boyfriend.”  Reference: http://brokenpilgrim.wordpress.com/2008/02/02/thoughts-about-leaving/

Isn’t honoring GOD with what we are, doesn’t that include men behaving like men?  I’m not saying men can’t tear, or sing, or do the occasional dish.  Afterall, Jesus wept.  Luciano Pavorotti could sing like nobody’s business.  But why are church songs always so soft, mellow, sometimes solemn.  Are many Christian musicians just copying off each other’s papers?  Why can’t they sound fun?  As Andrew W.K. says, “We Want Fun!”  (I don’t understand many of his antics, but I think he is tapped into a voice of the people).  Why does most Christian music sound alike.  I’m not talking about the GOD honoring, worshipping lyrics.  I’m talking about the sound. 

But also maybe, just maybe…the average Christian doesn’t seem real to the average person.  The Bible makes all kinds of statements, writes about all kinds of emotions, tells stories, there’s some jokes in there…Why is most Christian music so… elevated?  I agree that focus on the LORD is important.  We need to see, hear, taste…experience Him in order to have a relationship with Him.  But what about when I’m sad.  What about when I feel crazy enough to stab something.  An outlet is always prayer to the LORD, but what about music?  I think that maybe a reason why the youth of today don’t gravitate toward’s Christian music.  It seems so one dimensional.  So limited.  Unreal.  Christians don’t understand people, just listen to their music.  Maybe.   

I remember when I was younger.  Music was so, so important to my identity.  It also gave voice to what was going on inside me.  When I heard good music, I was understood.  I didn’t seem so alone.  And music was a way for me to connect to other people.  And it was something to talk about.   

It’s too bad I’m not more musically talented.  But maybe you are?

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  1. I Ain’t Singing In Church

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