Job, the man

I was stricken with an illness that left me weakened and very sleepy for the last few days.  Boy, did I not feel myself.  I also had mild anxiety attacks that I would be this way for a very long time.  Something, my productive self is not comfortable with.  I still don’t know exactly what happened, but I have an idea.  And will do all I can to prevent this from happening again.  I didn’t like it.While all of this was happening…I was calling out to the LORD.  One night, I had waking nightmares.  The next night, I had what seem to be a conversation with ‘perhaps the LORD’, where he was saying I was suffering because of my sin.  But last night, I went to see my father (a doctor), and he helped talk to me about what may be happening.  But the good thing is I snapped out of it today, hope I’m fine tomorrow too.

When I was calling out the the LORD, I was pleading for mercy and healing.  Now, I’m sure he gave me both.  And I know my parents and wife were praying for me.  Thanks GOD for the healing!

My thoughts go out to Job who was the greatest man in the east at a time, and lost everything, but still did not lose his integrity.  I’m not saying I lost it, but what I was tested with was no where near what he was tested with.  I did get angry with the LORD, but never blamed him for any wrong doing, because his Holiness never does.

Job was great and a fantastic role model.  And Job’s story has a happy ending.  The LORD restores him to twice his greatness.  I believe our GOD, Jesus Christ, is a rewarder, and is justice.  So even if I don’t get restoration and rewards to the fullest in this lifetime, I know it is waiting for me in the next.  That’s something I’d like to explore…the rewards of serving the LORD.  To those who are thinking only of this lifetime, some testimonies by Christians are not appealing.  No rewards in this lifetime?  A gyp.  That’s not how GOD is.  If He created all, and is infinitely wealthy, and is generous, why would he not reward?  Something to think about…

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