Guilty of isogesis?

Last week I was introduced to a new concept by my pastor.  We had a brief meeting to catch up, and talk about ministry.  This concept can be talked about with two words exogesis and isogesis.

Exogesis is ‘calling out’ meaning from within a Bible passage.  And is perfectly acceptable.   Isogesis, is putting or injecting meaning into a Bible passage.  Perhaps saying something is saying something when it is not.  Does that make sense?

I thought about some of my studies on Scripture.  And yes, perhaps sometimes I have been guilty of isogesis.  Guilty of trying to say something new with the Scriptures.  For that I apologize.  But sometimes my writings have been simply intellectual musings which I feel I need not apologize for.  Sometimes, I have a revelation of sorts that I write.

Weakness, GOD guides

Today, I got an email devotion.  It talked about weakness.  And how some of us are not easily led by the LORD when we are charging forward in our strengths.  I never really understood that until now.  These last few weeks, I have been stricken with an illness or weakness that saps my strength and leaves me very tired.  I thought I was out of the woods a few days ago, but no…it’s back.

The LORD is ever with us.  Hallelujah!

And I realized that my life is not going the way I or He must want.  In other words, I think the Big Guy wants to pull over so we can chat. (more…)