Free Your Mind…The Same Sex Marriage Debate

same-sex-marriageI’m joining…the debate.

I’m not saying that I’m right, or that I won’t change my current view, but here goes.

I did a search in the online Bible ( for ‘homosexual’ – here’s what I found.  1) Homosexualism (having sex with the same sex) is an abomination or detestable (depending on which translation you find).  2) Homosexual offenders will not inherit the kingdom of GOD…will not go to Heaven.  3) The cause of homosexual behavior is thanklessness to GOD and not wanting to retain the knowledge of GOD.

After analyzing and crunching these Bible passages, this is what I’ve come up with.

Being an American is sometimes NOT like being a Christian.  But they fit together.  Our great country has afforded it’s people certain freedoms and liberties.  Civil liberties…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. (more…)

Legalizing Marijuana

marijuana-leafLately, California has been in the news about….maybe….they’re going to legalize marijuana…so they can tax it, and get more government revenue.

A real Christian would be against this…right?

How many people here don’t like the Dutch?  Presbyterian folk predominantly are Dutch, Presbyterian are good people aren’t they?  But what about a little place called Amsterdam, where marijuana, or “pot” is legal.  You can walk into a bar, get served marijuana, relax and smoke it, pay, and walk out.

Honestly, what is my position on it?  I say legalize it.  Why? (more…)

Absent From Church

I confess, I’ve been absent from Church…and it hasn’t made much difference in my life.

My life is still centered around GOD, and my immediate family, and a few friends.

Makes me think.

I still associate with other professing Christians in fellowship, and in good relationship with GOD (at least at my end).  I don’t feel that different than when I was going.

My life is very busy, because I’m newly married and my kid is still very young, so there isn’t much difference.