Back to the Church!

Lately, we’ve been discouraged and disappointed with the Church.  But we’re okay now.  Just wanted to say that.

Chinese (Taiwanese) Culture, Lesson 1


I’m Taiwanese.  Is that different from being Chinese?  Yes, it is.  A little history lesson.  Taiwan is an island.  Okay, that’s geography.  But, it was inhabited with aborigines.  Think malay people.  Then the Europeans found ‘Taiwan’, mostly the Dutch.  (That’s why my family is Presbyterian, we have Dutch ancestry and the Presbyterian Church have a presence in Taiwan)  The Dutch named Taiwan ‘Formosa’ back then in the 1500s.  I’m guessing there were always many Chinese there, it being so close to Mainland China.  But, Japan took over Taiwan in the 1900s, and then after WWII, the Chinese came in.  Not all the Chinese, but those with Chiang Kai Shek, because Mao took over China. (more…)

Best Restaurants on Guam


This post will be biased towards foods I like to eat, so I’m sorry if there isn’t a meeting of the minds on this one:

I’d like to say that there is plenty of opportunity to open restaurants on Guam.  There is a growing group of people with more sophisticated tastes on Guam.  People wanting more than the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean restaurants.  Where is the Cajun restaurant?  Or East African?  Mediterranean food?  Will someone please open restaurants in Dededo or Yigo?  (more…)