Be the Salt of the Earth, To Be p1


Lately I’ve been wondering…what are we supposed to be doing here on earth while our LORD is gone.  Is it to be religiously going to church and doing Bible studies?  That’s part of it.  But let’s look at the words of our LORD.  He said during His Sermon on the Mount, ‘You are the salt of the earth’.

What does that mean?

After doing a keword search for ‘salt’ on, I found numerous uses for salt.

1. Salt is pure and sacred.  When GOD told Moses how to make incense, He told Moses it is to be salted, pure and sacred.  That means we are to live good lives.  Do not do the evil things that people do.  Work hard, deal honestly, do not deceive…follow the commandments.

2. Salt can deter growth.  Lands were made waste lands by salting and putting sulfur.  We are to be agents of the LORD and deter the growth of evil things and works.  Stop evil…like superheroes.  This speaks of salt being a preservative.  We are to maintain the earth.  We can make this a better place to live.

3. In 2 Kings, we see salt thrown into the water to heal it.  So it has healing properties.  I believe we are to help not hurt.  That ties in with number 2.  I believe we should always act in love.

4.  King David and GOD made a covenant of salt, that David and his descendants would always reign.  Salt is special.

5. Salt gives flavor.  I believe we, believers, make the earth acceptable or flavorful to GOD.  Just as when Abraham was ‘bargaining’ for the live of those who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah, the presence of godly on earth deters the wrath or total destruction of people on earth.  Heavy stuff huh?  Also I think, we give those who don’t believe a ‘taste’ of who, what GOD is like.  This is also a great responsibility and honor to represent GOD on earth. 

But I believe the key point is ‘purity’ and ‘holiness’.

6. In Mark 9:49 – the LORD says everyone will be salted with fire.  To me, fire often speaks of purification. 

7. In Mark 9, the LORD also speaks of losing one’s saltiness.  That is possible, so maintaining ourselves, and our world is our responsibility.

8. Finally, in James 3:11, salt water is contrasted with fresh water, so being salty is not all good.  It can be bad.  A brother once posed the question?  ‘Can we be too salty’.  I believe we can be proud, overbearing, know-it-all, brash, rough Christians.  That is being too salty.  We have been entrusted with the Word of the LORD, but that’s not an excuse to become proud.  We should serve all in love and humility.

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  1. This isn’t from Biblegateway, but I heard it somewhere and it sounds like it makes sense. Salt makes people thirsty. We should make people thirsty for GOD. Point to Jesus.

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