Love your Women

Love women.  We should all love one another.  But today, I’d like to talk specifically about women.  Women are different from men.  Not better, not worse, just not the same.  That doesn’t mean men have to be like women, or women have to be like men.  But, men and women should work together in harmony, as a team.

We should appreciate each other’s differences.  After, we complement one another.  We should appreciate each other’s talents and contributions.  GOD put men and women together because they can help each other.  Since I’ve been married, my wife has helped me make smarter decisions.  Major decisions we always make together with prayer and consideration.  GOD’s opinion counts the most.  We often wait for an indication, usually through circumstances, of how He wants us to go.  Back to women, guys usually make decisions very quickly, which can be detrimental.  Women, at least my wife makes me slow down and think about it, because they are usually by nature more cautious.  Funny to say, usually I’m right.  But, not all the time.  And taking time to do things right is usually the best policy, because things get shaken out, and turn aright over time, by GOD’s grace.

Men, loving your women means valuing them.  And making them feel loved and secure.  If that involves working another job, then so be it.  Your priorities, on this earth, after GOD, is to take care of your own, your family.  That is true religion.  Speak words of love.  Words that will lift her spirit, make her feel cherished, and never say things to tear her down.  As husband, you have responsibility to look after her – even rebuking her, when she is in the wrong, when that time comes.  Care for her as you would care for your own body.  Is her hair nice?  Is she in shape?  Wearing nice clothes?  Does she look like a queen? Is she eating, drinking, and sleeping well?

Women, you have to love your men, too.  Love involves a lot of things.  But I’d like to say respecting his leadership is part of loving him.  GOD create man before woman.  That order means something.  Leadership in GOD’s eyes is actually not lording over but a loving, servant type leadership.  A gentle, patient leading…not pushing or forcing.

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