My Long Testimony

What is a testimony?

It is not really saying something nice about Jesus, the textbook defintion of a testimony is:  A solemn statement made under oath.

So what would I like to testify to today?  That the True Gospel is the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Today, we hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ being preached.  But we are to follow Jesus in His preaching of the Kingdom.  Did our LORD not say, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near!”  This Kingdom is the Spirit of GOD.

What the LORD Jesus did was amazing.  Through Him, we have the potential to be sons of GOD.  He opened the way.  He did the hard work.  Now, what do we have to do?  Have faith.  After the LORD left for a while, the Spirit of LORD was poured out on the world.

This Spirit is GOD, and through Christ, we may be one with GOD.  That is if we obey.  But how do we obey?  There is the written word of GOD.  But just as Christ said, the law or scriptures do not have the power to save.  What we must do is grow our faith, purify ourselves, and pray for GOD’s help.  Over time, if we earnestly seek Him, we will be able to see and hear Him.  Who can save is GOD, Himself.  We must have real relationship with GOD, who is Spirit.  It sounds crazy, almost mental, but that is the truth.

GOD wants to remove your sins.  Called sanctification, it is plainly GOD cleaning your heart up.  But, it is often a long process.  So hang in there.  GOD will test you, and test you.  But He wants you to succeed.  The LORD wants to remove our sins, He wants us to repent of our sins.  He wants to forgive us.  And He wants us to have victory over our sins.

And when your heart is clean and pure.  The Holy Spirit working with, on, and through you – will come live inside your heart.

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