Get a Girlfriend

This is a message from GOD…”get a girlfriend”

Just joking.  Or actually half-joking.

I’m not really qualified, but I’ve done so much of the wrong thing when it comes to girls/women that I now have an idea of what the right thing could be.

I think the problem with some guys and girls is that they take things too fast.  They get serious too soon.

Why not just be a friend to some girl?  Why do you have to show off, buy her a lot of stuff, and try to get into her pants.  Sorry, if that statement offends.

You could talk to her on the phone.  You could meet for coffee.  How about remembering her birthday?  Or helping her when she needs it, like closing her typhoon shutters or helping her move something.

Maybe you could have one, or two, or even three girls that are friends.  Because its not serious.  But, just get to know the person.  Care about her.  And overtime, you will see if she returns your care.  You will see if she responds.  And overtime, you will see if she is right for you.

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