Digeus SnapIt – Product Review

9The folk(s) over at Digeus, actually approached me to put a link to their website.  How cool is that?

Please visit their site using the above link, or the one in the sidebar.  They make software useful for optimizing your system and other cool software like SnapIt and the Digeus Online TV Player.

They showed me their SnapIt software.  Basically, Mac users, it makes printscreen on the Windows more like ‘printscreen’ on the Mac.  I hope its ok to say that.  While SnapIt is running, when one presses printscreen (Its actually written Print Screen, but me writing it together makes it look more like a button, go figure) a cross appears, and then one can drag to create an area.  That area is what gets copied to the Windows clipboard.  One then can paste it into various programs.  Not all programs will be able to paste.

But, the coolest feature is one can turn on auto save, so that every printscreen is saved to a designated folder.  I created the above picture for this post really rather quickly.  I snapped it, and then I uploaded the picture from the SnapIt pictures folder.  Before SnapIt, I would have to hit printscreen, open my graphics program, wait, then create a canvas, paste from the clipboard, crop the picture, then save it as a .gif or .jpeg.  Whew!

Free Trial Downloads available!  Irreplaceable tool for Designers, Office Workers, Business People, Analysts.  Perfect for Technical Writers who have to describe interfaces, menus, buttons, etc.

Maybe now I can do some Tech. writing?  Maybe! Thanks, Digeus!

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