Stephen the Stoned, I’m ‘Going Fishin’ for 6 months…

Remember Stephen from the Bible, book of Acts?  He was stoned to death.  For what?  For speaking truth, speaking out against the religious order of Jews at the time.  What did he say that was so bad, that deserved a death sentence?  Through the Spirit, he harshly rebuked the religious, calling them stiff-necked (they were), resistors of the Holy Spirit, and persecutors of prophets sent by GOD.

I’m ‘GOING FISHING’ for 6 months, by order.  I’ll be happy to pick up where I left off.


Try Making a Christian Friend

I’m a fan of the show ‘Friends’ so hope they don’t make me take this photo down.

Nowadays, when friends come and go, friends don’t really help but just want to help themselves to you…etc.  Where are your true friends?

I tend to shy away from the term ‘Christian’.  I usually say I follow Jesus or I follow the Ywa, (Funny, I meant to type ‘Way”, but that’s good too).

But, why not try making a Christian friend?  Not all Christians are good, I’ll say that.  But some of the stories I heard are incredible:

-Christian women (beautiful ones) falling in love with men’s heart and not their looks.

-Christian woman falling in love with an inmate.  She would visit him every week until he was let out.  And then she ‘ministered’ to him.  He later became a pastor.

-Christian woman ministering to a legless ‘loser’. She loved him so much she would backpack him around.  Later, they married.  He became a pastor.

I have more stories, but I’ll save them for a later time.  GOD bless.

Being Sick

Sometimes being sick can be a time to spend with GOD and a time to reflect.

So often, we speed through life trying to get what we think we want.  And often we think we are the masters of our destiny and authors of our own lives.  But, we’re not.  At most, we’re co-authors with GOD.

Today, I was sick.  And often, I’m telling my wife what to do.  But today she got so many things done with out me.  And she did it with such joy.  I was humbled.

Also, I have been working like a madman – worrying about money so much these last few days, almost a week.  I just hear GOD asking me to trust Him.  He will provide.

Where’s my faith?  Sometimes I just don’t know.

– – – – – –

*C0ugh* Good nite all.

Letter to You!


Yah, you!

You are called to be a supernatural administrator of GOD’s wealth. Not you? Okay, then stop reading..

Okay, you! (more…)

Psalm 5 – blessings, favor

I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of talk, ‘talk’ about blessings and favor.

Do you believe it?

Of course, the blessings don’t come from noone or nowhere, they come from the LORD of the universe, Jesus Christ!

I believe it.

Many of us were raised by our parents, not to ask for too much. That’s understandable, but our GOD, the one who created the vast universe, put every star and planet in its place, is rich. Not Bill Gates rich. I’m talking RICH! Really, really, really rich.

Can you see it?

If you can’t, that’s alright too. Not everyone reflects this nature of GOD. But its best to know, for you, that GOD provides your every need. There is no need to be in poverty.

Not realistic? But that’s the point. GOD is not a ‘realist’. He is fantastic and supernatural! If HE can speak everything into existence, why can’t He help everyone in a amazing, magical way? I know He wants to…I know that Heavenly Father wants to show up BIG in your life.

But you have to believe it. C’mon, you can do it. You have to receive it, into your heart. Wake up every morning and say, ‘Dad, I did that thing the other day, you saw it. Wasn’t that good? Where’s my reward?’ GOD is a rewarder. Try Him. Don’t be afraid to be like a child. Dependent on the Father. He likes that. Don’t be like an ‘adult’ and so independent. If you don’t need GOD’s help…He won’t bother you. But, He just might do something for you behind the scenes. He’s ‘tricky’ like that…He’s so good.

I’m not preaching prosperity and health. Ooo that’s so bad. I’m preaching the truth. I’m not saying you are bad if you don’t have money or good health. You could be going through testing like Job. But, if you are called to be an administrator of GOD’s wealth, that is truly your calling, and a desire in your heart, then follow that. Even if you get criticisms from other in GOD’s body. Only you and GOD, at least in the beginning, will know what’s up. It’s a GOD thing, between you and Him. Later, I’m sure you will be established in the community as being a so-and-so, prophet, healer, giver, etc…

Spirit, Soul, and Body

My theory on all of this:

GOD created people to have three parts to them – the spirit of man, soul, and the body.

The body is the most simple to explain.  Everyone has a body, it is flesh.  With a body, we are able to move, work, speak, …do things on this earth.  The Bible explains this body to be a vessel.  A vessel to be filled with spirit.

Let’s get back to that later.  We can all agree that the body is under control of the mind.  We want to watch tv, so we tell the body to get up, turn on the tv, and sit on the couch, so we can veg.

Scientists tell us the mind is in the brain.  Is that the soul?  Most clergyman will agree that the soul is the mind, will, and the intellect.  I got that memorized.

Instead of thinking so analytically, I like to thing that man is integrated of these three ‘parts’.  The body is well, the body.  The soul is ‘who you are’, your essence, your individuality.  Your spirit is also who you are, but it is the ‘part’ of you that can connect with GOD.

I have another theory that the body, soul, and spirit are all linked.  Only GOD can cut them apart.  And He did, He does.  When people die, their bodies return to the earth.  So, there is a cleavage between body and soul.  GOD does that.  If you don’t have ‘spirit’, meaning Holy Spirit, or spirit of GOD, then your soul stays down on the earth.  It doesn’t ‘fly up’ to join with the Spirit of the Universe, GOD.  Remember Adam and Eve, they sinned.  GOD cut the link between spirit and soul.  So, they lost their ‘life-line’ to GOD.  If you don’t have spirit to connect with GOD, your heart is bad.

More on this later, I gotta go to bed.  Good nite!

GOD is number 1

GOD is not only the best in the universe, I’d like to talk about a meaning of the number 1, and that is unity.

How did I happen on this?  That GOD values unity?

The prayer before Jesus Christ went to the cross, how did it go?  Basically, He prayed that we would all be one, and that we would be one with Jesus, and one with the Father.  Wasn’t that it?  (more…)

The Worship Concert Phenomenon

Look at these people worship.

They are closing their eyes.  Reaching out with their hands to touch GOD.

The expressions on their faces are of peace, sadness, adoration, ecstacy, longing, etc…

It must be a very strange sight to people who don’t believe in GOD.

But, they’re spirits are touching the very Spirit of GOD.

Its very powerful.

Not everyone expresses themselves this way.  You don’t have to be like this to be counted one of the faithful.

– – – – – –

Part of this is the music that draws people into ‘that place’ of worship.  Some people, like to be out in nature, some more privately listen to music and worship in their own way.

I believe when you reach out to GOD, He reaches back.  So don’t stop.  Call out to Him, talk to Him, reach, come near.  This is how a realtionship with El Shaddai begins.


Letter to my son(s)

Hey son,

In case these thoughts never make it to you when its appropriate, I’m writing them down.

I want you to be someone’s knight in shining armor.

I believe that each person has a perfect mate.  You just have to find her.  GOD made man and woman for each other.  How do you find this person?  Have faith, in time, with GOD’s blessing, He will bring the two of you together.

It’s not that simple.  Well, the complications will be another letter.

I don’t want you to ‘date’.  Not the normal dating we see in our society, in our culture.  I’ll call it what it is.  It’s just trying out a girl.  You buy her things, and then she gives you sex.  That’s crazy.  Is that honorable?  I did it, but I’m not proud of that.

Its good to be friends with girls.  Its okay to care about girls.  But you don’t own them or anything.  Be careful with how much time, how you speak to them, how much you help them, how much you give them.  I know when you’re ready for a girlfriend, its easy to go full speed and end up in trouble.  You have to keep your head on straight.  Stay grounded.  Guard your heart.

So you have all these feelings, what do you do?  I’ll help you the best I can.  I have nothing against you getting married early.  Marriage by the way is not about the fancy ceremony, ring, or any of that.  It is about a commitment to love, treasure, and keep the other person for a lifetime and vice versa.

For me.  I wasn’t ready to marry your mom until I was somewhat financially stable.  So, get stable as soon as you can.  Then you can start your life.  Having someone (wife), is an incredible feeling.  And when you have a son, its just so amazing.  A daughter is good too, but as of this writing I don’t have one.  I didn’t start my family until 35.  Mostly, I believe, because GOD had to change me a lot, before He would bless me.

This letter is getting out of control.  My point in this letter is to honor and respect women.  That is something I didn’t do — not really until I got to know Jesus Christ.  He changed me.  And then even after I got married to your mom, I had a lot of changing and learning to do.

The way you honor and respect women in your teens to twenties is not to mess with them.  Allow them to be beautiful and pure.  Just get to know them, so you know who is good and who is bad.  Later, when you are nearing marriage time, get to know them to see who likes you back.  And then, when you are really almost ready to go, pray, pray, pray — invite GOD to help you find your love of your life and partner through your life.  He will not disappoint you.  He will bring the two of you together.

I make it sound simple, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.  Getting there, is hard and trying.  But all the more to depend on Jesus.





Family Life – I like you the way you are…

In the stillness of the night…it’s almost 3am,

I see my baby boy’s toys strewn across the floor.  Behind me is my wife’s desk, a mess…like spaghetti.

During the day, I’ve looked at these things and lamented.  I’m by nature an organized and neat person.  My wife and baby boy are organized mess people.  They usually can’t find what they need right away, but eventually do.  I’m not saying my way is really significantly better.  But I like things the way ‘I’ like them.  I didn’t say anything today.  But sometimes I do.  And it makes my wife feel bad.  I really shouldn’t do such things.

Well, in such moments as these,  a little voice inside me says that I should appreciate my wife and son, just..the..way..they..are.

One day, I’ll miss those toys all over the floor.

‘Savor these moments.  Don’t get angry over them.’


If I get mad at baby about this, soon, I’ll just feel bad about that.  Regret will set in.

Maybe I’m just too neurotic about neatness.  Maybe GOD put my wife and I together to cure this ill of mine.  I should just take my medicine like a good boy.

Anyways, can’t being too organized be a time killer too?  With all we have to do, instead of organizing…can’t we be having more fun?  Yes!


Well wife and son, this is the real me, saying “I like you both the way you are.”

‘Don’t change on account of me.’

‘Don’t let me change you.’

‘Be yourself.’

‘Be happy with who you are.’

‘I’m sorry if I make you feel bad.’

‘I’m not always right.’


‘I love you both.’

‘Good nite!’