They can’t do it if they don’t see it

Leadership basics.  I’m not a seasoned leader.  But I have my own unit.  Me, my wife, and my little 2 year old. 

If you want a certain person, family member, friend, employee to exhibit a certain trait. It has to be modeled for him or her.  And never expect others to do what you aren’t doing or aren’t willing to do.  At the root of it is reciprocity.  Patience is very important in dealing with people.  When you feel like, that’s it, I can’t stands it no more!  Then you have to hold it for a little while longer.  Push through.  And you’ll get your victory.  That victory is sweet when you didn’t have to be an ogre or bitch and the outcome was what you wanted without messing up things relationally — if you know what I mean. 

Oh well, it’s Friday.  So forgive me if I’m off.  Pun intended.  Ha-ha.

Ethics in Business

After a visit to China late 2005, I got to see a whole ‘nother way of doing business.  There, people will try to take you if they can.  There is no trust.  I just didn’t understand this way of doing business.  I guess that is the norm there. 

Well, here in the United States. Yes, I said it, Guam is a part of the United States.  People are not like that, mostly.  Some people are I guess in varying degrees.  But mostly people strive to be fair and honest in their business dealings.  As a society, we mostly agree that is how it should be.  And dishonesty and shadiness is frowned upon.

As I am getting older and (hopefully) wiser.  I see that not all is as it should be.  There are increasing gray areas and not so much black and white.  I’m seeing that besides the obvious, I’m not a good judge of what is good and what is ‘evil’.  Maybe that’s why we aren’t to judge. 

So what do I think is the point of business?  Ask most and they’ll say to make money.  I think that definition falls short.  It boils down business, strips away alot of the more precious aspects of being in business and simplifies it to ‘chasing the almighty dollar’ in my opinion.  Business (busyness) is about an activity; doing something that is worthwhile.  Profiting is worthwhile, for sure.  A business that is not sustainable will not last.  And maybe you don’t want it to last, up to you.  How about doing something of value.  That’s important.

I’m getting a little sidetracked.  My point is nothing seems so simple anymore.  Anyone who tells you they have all the answers is not being straight with you.  The world is a complex, but wonderful place.  Just because we can’t understand it all, doesn’t mean it’s bad.  In the meantime, I’ll work on how to be better.  Be nice to people.  Do no harm.  Be giving.  Work Hard.  Laugh, not so serious.  Ah, there are so many things.  But I have faith that things are gonna be alright. 

One Love.