The Nipple Argument

I believe, recently come to, that men were created for women as well as women for men.  How do I know this?  That is the reason men have nipples.  They seem to be extraneous, but it is a sign to women that we are their matches.  We are their complements and consorts.

My Wife is So Special

Today was a very trying day.  For the most part, we had the victory.  Praise GOD.  But, I was a bit harsh with my wife, and she broke down and cried.  Not solely because of what I said, but again, because we were having a hell of a day.

As she cried, I noticed it started to rain.  Coincidence?  No.  It wasn’t.  Men In Black 2 (3?) flashed thru my mind.  I found my mouth saying to her,”Heaven cries with you”.  Then I walked out of the room, but still within earshot and said,”You are so special.”

She is so special.  I found Isaiah 54, The Future Glory of Zion, and these verses.  I’m lifting them out of the chapter, and out of context, so sue me.  :)

In a surge of anger I hid my face from you for a moment, but with everlasting kindness I will have compassion on you…So now I have sworn not to be angry with you, never to rebuke you again.  Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,”…

LORD, help me always speak kindly and gently to my wife, as you can only help me.  Thank you, and Amen.

Judge Not Others

I have a plank in my eye!  Help.  So I’ll just be quiet now, me and my hypocrite mouth.  We’re often misunderstood.  The LORD always has a kind voice for those who are gentle and lowly of heart.  Those who seek Him with all their heart.  It is more constructive, to have overcome a bad habit or issue and be able to help someone else with the same problem.  Very often, we can name the problem, and point it out, but people also often already know what their problem is.  Pointing it out again and again may annoy, frustrate, or depress the person.

We have good intention to help.  But, if we don’t have a real solution, the helping is actually hurting.  So instead of possibly hurting, not helping would be better.  “Do No Harm”.  Sometimes doing nothing is better, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Sometimes people are not ready for your help.

There also is the possibly that a person is beyond your help and in the hands of the LORD.  It is wise to check with Him first.  LORD, would it be to help this person?  The power to change, really,is with the LORD.  We don’t know what’s the plan, if you know what I mean, so any suffering even is appointed.  Interference, however good intended, is actually a work against the LORD.  The LORD knows our hearts, so it’s okay.  But, isn’t it better to work alongside the LORD?

Please see: Matthew 7

My Apology to Women

Hi, I don’t know what it means to be a woman.  Or maybe I do, but I just won’t admit it.  You are my treasure.  I should’ve protected you, but I didn’t.  I should have, should have.  I’m sorry.  You…why didn’t you say anything?  How could you wait so patiently for me?  To be the man you always known I could be.  You are better than me, you are stronger than me, you are not.  You’ve always known that I’m the one.  The one for her, and she for me.  We’re created for each other.  She is me, and I am her.  Equal partners following the LORD, side by side.

Maybe I could start by holding your hand.

Was Jesus an Essene?

Who were the Essenes?  Among the Pharisees, Sadduccees and others, was Jesus the Christ an Essene?  What do you think?

The AA (Asian American) Ethos, p.1 (The Ambassadors)

“In my country, I would be a king, a kind of god.  The kind that women want and men secretly want to be, but tear down anyways.”

Hey America,

I don’t like the picture that you painted of me.  Isn’t this nation supposed to be about acceptance?  Give me your poor, your what and what?  My eyes are not too small.  I’m not stupid.  My hair is not too coarse, no, no, no, I don’t want a bowl cut.  Yes, my skin is very nice, thank you.  But, I’m not a girl.  I’m not as big as you, but I can and will kick your ass.  J/K.  Kinda.  I’m not gay, stop asking please.  Do I have to be?  Must I serve you?  Serve and submit?  I’m human you know, I’m a people too.  Why bind me, blind me, gag me, choke me, and cut me off?

Everything of mine is gone.  I am reduced to nothing.  Is that how it is for everyone?  (Actually, yes it is)

“I see a vision of one billion strong, possibly two billion strong.  Rising up against, a sleek 300 million.  You have the technology, but we have the people.  Man versus machine.  Who will win?  My money is on John Henry.  Fighting and infighting, a great world war.  In the end, everyone dies.”


“I see The Vision, of mankind loving itself, and it’s Father and Mother.  Loving and respecting all life.  Peace and harmony covering the land.  The weapons melted down into plows.  Lion sitting next to the lamb.  All of creation experiencing wholeness.”

I So Don’t Want to Be ‘Marrying’ Anymore

Marriage, it’s an institution

But what does that mean?

Endless flowers, beautiful dress, music, big cake

Many, many guests

Who’s that?

Rent out the best place, boola bucks

To some, it is a joy, a beautiful grand reflection of grandiosity

But, for many, it is a burden, a fleeting memory resulting in debt

The main thing is the love, the commitment

Knowing that this person is with you for the rest of your love

Love, love growing love.  Deeper, deeper understanding

One with each other and with the One, oceans flowing, mind-expanding

Hand in hand, side by side we move together into eternity, I’ll love you forever, only you

My hope beyond hope

All peoples are brothers and sisters. It is my hope that all peoples of all cultures will live in harmony, value each other, and learn from each, dare to love each other,  share, and cooperate.  Just as no person has all the gifts, and we are urged to work together, no culture has all the answers.  We all have good points and bad points.  We can help each other, if we just lay down the pride.  I hope all cultures and all religions will be brothers and sisters.  No person, not I, has all knowledge, has all power, has all love, is complete in themselves.  Only GOD has it all.  We all just have a piece of the puzzle.  Let’s pull it together, put it together, and together we will see GOD, we will see.

Our Seattle Move 2008/Vacation 2008

To my brothers and sisters of Christ in Seattle, no doubt you’ve noticed my links to your websites.  If not, sorry for the presumption.  But, I feel an explanation of some degree is owed to you.  Who are Jim and Joanna Chen?

Without giving too much away, in the Fall of 2008, we were having trouble getting along with my parents on Guam.  So, in the heat of the moment, we decided to move to Seattle for good.  We chose Seattle for various reasons but one major one is the reasonable housing prices in contrast to San Francisco or Los Angeles.  So we sold all we owned.  This actually took several months.  And we moved out to Seattle.

I still remember driving into Seattle.  It was foggy and we could barely see the Space Needle.  But, Joanna and I were so overjoyed to see the Promised Land.  I’m being over-dramatic but we had wanted to live in ‘the States’ for so long.  We both lived unhappily in ‘the States’ before as singles in difficult circumstances.  And now, we had a second chance, a new life, with each other and our new baby boy, Josh.  I also felt victory, in a way, because earlier when I left home to go to college in Wisconsin, I left the fold.  But now, I could not wait to meet my brothers and sisters in Seattle. (more…)

Do not be yoeked w/ Unbelievers

There are only four instances of the word ‘yoke’ in the Bible.  Please look it up.  An ox was often yoked to a plow to work and be trained to work.  So after just looking at these 4 verses, what do I think do not be yoked with unbelievers means?

I’ve heard it being applied to marriage most often.  Do not marry an unbeliever.  But did not the LORD tell Hosea to marry a prostitute?  Was she a believing prostitute?  No, it was to illustrate how disobedient Israel had become, but you know what?  I’m not promoting ‘missionary dating’ or anything, but when you can lead an ‘unbeliever’ to Christ and righteousness, no matter how, through marriage or dating, or whatever, you have done something great.  That’s because it is very difficult.  Your ways will not be her ways, and you and her (I’m talking a marriage of believer and ‘unbeliever’) will always be fighting.

If you are to marry someone and they are willing to ‘convert’ to Christianity and they are submissive in heart and spirit, and they follow the lead of a good Christian man, you.  Then I say, go for it.  Even if they don’t know all the Bible stories and all that.  For the LORD will work in her heart.  If one looks at the Law, there is even mentioned the marrying of enemy women.  So, it is acceptable to the LORD.  But, I must say again, NOT EASY.

Lastly, regarding the verse saying not to yoke an ox and a donkey.  A donkey is a rebellious animal.  Ishmael was a wild donkey of a man, his hand was against everyone.  You are a meek, loving, obedient ox, listening to the LORD.  But, if your donkey friend is really an ox (that follows, but looks like a donkey) then it’s alright.  That’s just my take on things.  It’s up to you to think and pray on it.

More (on) Forgiveness

As Christians or Catholics, we are to be examples of forgivess.  For as GOD forgave us, we will forgive others.  But, let’s study forgiveness, it’s not as simple as we are led to believe.  It’s great for word studies.  Just type ‘forgiveness’ into the keyword search,and wer’re on our way!

First, I’d like to talk about the natural and the supernatural.  The just and the divine.  Not sure if those are the proper terms for it, but please try to understand.  If I get punched, and I punch you back.  That is?

It’s not evil.  It’s normal.  An eye for an eye.  That is the law.  Our LORD did not say it is wrong.  It is just.  It is reciprocity, reaping what you sow.  The LORD called us to be supernatural or practice divine ways.  Turn the other cheek.  There is a reward in that from Him.  So, should we wantonly chase after the rewards?  No, I say not.  Why?  Because just as with increasing obedience to the LORD, He will tell when to pray, how to pray, who to pray for.  After all, He knows what you, everyone needs before you do.  I belive, and this is just me, that we are to follow the  LORD’s lead in forgiving each other with a capital ‘F’. (more…)

My last ‘harsh’ post, or I’m not GOD

Lately, I’ve been posting kind of harshly.  And I apologize for that.  I’ve been seeing that just because we can do something doesn’t always mean we should do it.  Your hands can be formed into fists for punching someone out, but does that mean we should do that?  No.  I’m not GOD.

In the same way, harsh voices or rebukes, I think, are better left to the LORD.  After all, when the archangel was disputing over Moses’ body as it was said in Jude, he dare not bring a slanderous accusation against the enemy.  Rather, he simply said, “The LORD rebuke you”.  In addition, my impression from the relationships where I lead, I must correct lovingly and gently.  Yet, often, I’ve taken strict and harsh discipline to my care (bringing the fire – or giving some heat), but it would backfire.  They would end up not liking me, or getting me back.  But, if I left it to the LORD, He would always discipline or make them think about what they did.  Again, after all, they are His children too.

You, me, all of us, we’re just people.  No better than each other.  Created lower than the angels, but GOD greatly favors us.  That’s something, but we’re still not GOD.  We are the sons and daughters, children of GOD.  But, we still don’t have the wisdom to make judgements.   Also, in Jude, we should be careful what we say in regards to the enemy.  I’ve seen leaders of the faith, boldly make declarations against the enemy, calling him out by name, and such.  Jude tells us we should not ‘slander celestial beings’.  I take that to mean, don’t say bad things about anyone.  Even the enemy because doesn’t the Christ say love your enemies?  Pray for those that persecute you?  That includes our spiritual enemies, I believe.

My last thoughts are that, somethings just sound funny coming from us.  For example, when Pat Robertson was explaining the calamity in Haiti, he came off as very cold and judgemental.  We who know GOD is just, do not question His hand in dealing with His children worldwide.  I can’t say what Mr. Robertson said, but if GOD said it, it would be unquestionable.  The same thing with saying all non-Christians are going to hell.  Joel Osteen is said to be a ‘traitor’ to the faith because he was unwilling to say who would or would not go to hell when it clearly states in the Bible that Jesus is the only way to the Father.  Yes, Jesus is the Way, but it seems to be in our interests to say such.  Also seems insensitive for attacking other people’s faith, which is just as precious to them as yours is to you.

Maybe why Jesus calls us His sheep, He is the Lamb, because these animals don’t have teeth.  They don’t draw blood, they are peace-loving creatures.

I’m a retard, you’re a retard, wouldn’t you like to be a retard too?

Well, not really.  Some people find the term offensive.  Apologies.  My point, if you’re still reading, is that in our society we are harsh on people we find slow and ‘unintelligent’.

Actually impaired people

Slow people


Aliens with incomplete grasp of language

the list goes on…

Is being smart everything?  To some it is.  But being smart is relative.  My daddy, GOD, is smarter than you.  Joking.  Being smart is also subject to the elements.  Someone could be smart one day, and because of a cold or something be down another day.  (more…)

SIn9le 2 Married

So you’re moving from being single to married?  You’re around late twenties to early thirties?  I’m 38.  I married at 35.  Really late, I know.  In retrospect, after being in marriage for a few years, what would I do differently?  Mind you, I’m spewing from a traditional perspective.

When I was single, I was really looking hard for my ‘one’.  Looking back, I was seemingly obsessed.  A lot of it was feelings of inadequacy, peer pressure, loneliness, boredom, DESIRE FOR SEX, need for fulfillment.  A lot of things.  That’s why when you do get married,  I say, “don’t mess it up!”  You may in the heat of the moment want to throw it all away.  But, look at how much a marriage means to you.  It’s not just a body, it’s more than having someone to love, it’s really the whole enchilada.

Somethings I would look out for, just me by the way:

-1) Pick someone who is committed.  Not crazy!  I mean someone who is a faithful and patient person.  Someone who doesn’t bail out at the first sign of difficulty or trouble.  Why?  Because believe it or not, although I married someone a lot like me, she and I still had a ton of differences.  To work through everything and get to know each other takes commitment.  We even fought a lot, but we still stayed together.  And I’m much better for it.  Committed and a person of their word.  Integrity is important.

0) Pick someone who loves you for you.  Not what you can give.  Sometimes we’re willing to marry someone because we want to be married so bad.

0.5) If it doesn’t feel right, if you’ve seen the signs that’s she’s not right.  Then she’s not right for you.  Break it off. (more…)

Great business advice from Wendy’s dad

Hi, you don’t know Wendy’s dad.  You don’t even know Wendy.  But she’s my childhood friend til today, although we don’t really talk much.  She’s like a sister to me.

Wendy’s dad owns many stores in the mall on Guam.  He’s a very rich man.  I saw him walking through checking on a store.  He saw me, and I hurried over to greet him.  Wendy’s dad is a kind man with a nice smile with great business advice.

That day he told me.  If you have enough, then just be happy with that.  If you’re making ends meet, and have a little extra, that’s good is what I take that to mean.  He then went on to tell me that although he made a ton of money last year, a lot of it went to pay for his employee’s salaries and bonuses.  He works really hard and it all mostly goes to others.  The bigger you make your business, the more pressure there is, the more mouths there are to feed, and you work a lot harder, and the fruits of your labor mostly go to others.  So again, his advice to me was to be happy with a simple life and with enough.

Perhaps I could add that when you have a big business, people think you have all kinds of cash lying around, so they ‘bother’ you more for handouts and such.

The Brutal Master

Why do you beat down on us, all day all night?

You suffocate us, we cannot breathe

I feel like tearing my skin off

My head is aching

My blood is boiling

crush me, and I’ll crush somebody else

my mind is filling with violence

mercy Lord, please help LORD

The brutal master is Guam weather, esp during the summer.  Don’t come here to live, or he’ll make you regret it…

Confessions, p.1

I’m just a normal person that’s made my share of mistakes.  And now that I’m a dad, I hope for better from and for my son.  He’s two.  Almost three, and it’s amazing how much little people understand even at that age.

A big part of my young life was spent in denial and regret.  You see, when I was fifteen, I met a girl and we did what normal, crazy hormone-laden teenagers did on a boring coconut island.  We humped like rabbits.  Stupid us, we didn’t use protection, so she got pregnant.  I wasn’t ready to be a dad.  We didn’t really love each other.  Her uncle and aunt took our son in and raised him, for that I am thankful.  So from fifteen to about thirty, I was in a kind of funk, unable to live that all down.

I got sucked into a downward spiral of all kinds of stuff.  And in 2001, I tried to take my life.  That was wrong, very wrong.  Kids thinking about suicide, don’t do it.  Seek counseling.  There is always a way out or solutions to your problems.  With fiath in yourself and steady work, you can dig yourself out of holes.   Sometimes life is just down.  You gotta ride it out.  After talking with my family a few years after, I realized how SELFISH that act was.  My parents, brothers all were very hurt by it.  My little brother, whom I love very much, actually had to go through counseling himself after I did that.  You are not just you.  You are part of a family, a unit, that hurts when you hurt, and they’ll die when you die.  If you really love your family, then you will find another way.

For me, that way was the Way, Jesus Christ.  For you, I hope He is your Saviour too.  But I’m most grateful to Him because I should have died and I didn’t.  He’s brought me back to Guam and removed the guilt and shame in my heart.  Guam is home again.  My parents and I have a good relationship again.  My work on Guam has been so-so, but better than before.  But most amazingly, in 2007, someone thought enough of me to be my wife.  And Someone else thought enough of me also, to make me a father like the Father.  I’ve gotten so many second chances.  I’m so thankful to GOD.

Dog is the opposite of GOD because?

Wordplay.  Certain people love it.  It defines some.  It excludes others.  But who created this game of wordplay?  Who created language and words?

My guess is it was and still is GOD.

In the Bible, He is called the Logos or the Word.  The credit for inventing languages and words, in my thinking, goes to Him.  That’s why we have interesting parallels, coincedences, humor, puns,  you name it built in to our every experience of using language and thoughts.

But then again, maybe not, just a thought.

Following Christ – It’s Not For the Faint of Heart, p.1

I’d like to add to the voices about the Christ, and His strength and love. Please watch the above music video, if you can. Try to watch the Christ and not sympathize with Him, but watch Him as a role model. This is what the Christian life is about. It is about self-sacrifice to the point of ‘pouring it all out’. It is a life about selfish-lessness and giving, giving, giving.  This video is beautifully cut and set to the music, by the way. 

It’s also about taking. Taking a hit. I’m being extreme. One has to take care of oneself and one’s family, that’s a given. But in general, in matters of principle, a life of giving over taking, putting others first rather than exalting the self, is the more rewarding life, in my opinion.

But, it’s not just about the principle of giving.  Jesus knew His Father’s will for Him.  He knew the Father, and spoke and worked with Him daily.  It’s not easy to say, “Your will be done, Father”, especially in this day and age.  We’ll never be called to do what Jesus did.  It’s too hard.  But, I believe, the Father will ask us to do very difficult things.  Whether we obey is another matter altogether.  We can disobey, but then we miss out on the blessing, and we get punished.  That’s the way it is.

To the naysayers about the Christ’s strength, after viewing this, do you still maintain your position that Jesus was a soft-spoken, gentle looking weakling?  That picture, image of Jesus is not accurate.  The truth is what you see here is probably toned-down from what really happened to Jesus Christ.  In the Scriptures, it says he was beaten to the point where he was not recognizably a person anymore.  The physical beatings were one thing, I imagine all the forces of darkness were rallied against Him that day.  I have attached a picture for us to visualize this. 

He could have called down the forces of good to destroy all who opposed Him.  Or He could’ve said the word and they would have disappeared as quickly as they were created.  But He didn’t.

As we can see from this video, Jesus willing and lovingly laid down His life.  Maybe we should follow Him and do things happily and willingly or not at all.  :)  Not begrudgingly. 

The forces of darkness beating down on Christ.  The forces of good watching from above.

Pointless Details – p.1 (Mary, Mother of Jesus, Highly Favored)

Hi, I’d like to say that the Catholics are on to something with all the Maria stuff (from a Protestant perspective).  Mary is a very special person, extremely favored.

A lot of people like John the Baptist, that oddball.  J/K.  But, even John said he was not worthy to untie His sandals.  So, who was?  Only Jesus’ father and mother, Joseph and Mary.  They are highly favored in the sight of GOD.

So, let’s not mess w/ Jesus’ mama?  Okay?

Musictime p.2 – Amazed

Amazed by Lincoln Brewster

Follow the LORD Jesus, p10000000000000000000000000000000

I’ve been guilty of making this blog about wisdom. I’m Sorry…it’s all about Jesus. What does that mean? Ask Him.













ANOINTED ONE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

How many words are there for snow in the Eskimo language?

DJ JC Musictime p.1

Filled with your Glory by Starfield

Church, Stop FORCING Them Into YOUR mold!

Came today, thanks Sir, something for church leadership and followers of Christ alike to think about and change.

one with the One

Everyone has to have a name and a face,

But, I’m not doing this for myself.  I’m doing it b/c I’m led to.

I don’t have all the answers.  GOD does.

Let’s move beyond the self, into the I, the great I, GOD

Christians call this ‘crucifying’ the self with Christ

I best explain it by become one with the One

by giving up on myself, becoming one withe the One,

I become Him, who is the greatest of all, greater than all the heavens and the earth, which is the universe

I ceased to become me, who could have been the greatest on this small speck we call earth,

but probably never would have become,

through giving it all up, you gain it all, that’s the grace of GOD

Spirit, Soul, and Body p.2

There is an interesting explanation of Spirit, Soul, and Body by Watchman Nee.  Please see:

Writings of Watchman Nee

The soul is birthed out of the union of the spirit and body.

Lesson One, Lesson One, Lesson One

What was the first command or test that the LORD GOD gave us?  It was what to eat and what not to eat.  He said, in the beginning that you may eat basically anything with seeds in it.  I take this to mean fruits and vegetables.  And everyone knows we should be drinking water.  That’s good food.  That is what the human body is made to run on.  We can fill it with all kinds of interesting and colorful, tasty foods and drinks that man has created for his amusement.  But after the flirtation, we can always just go back to the fruits and vegetables.  There is actually an incredible diversity of fruits and vegetables, but mankind has always been one to wander and cross boundaries into forbidden territories.

I’m not a crazy, back to the caveman days, purist.  I believe GOD rewards innovation and also it is fun to drink a red drink or a black fizzy drink.  There is nothing wrong with that.  But, I recognize.  No, more than that, I now agree with the LORD that fruits, vegetables, and water are the mainstays of our diets.  Serious straying from eating just these is what results in sicknesses, barrenness among women, early deaths.  To backup my statement:

Exodus 23

25 Worship the LORD your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you, 26 and none will miscarry or be barren in your land. I will give you a full life span.

It was lesson 1, we (Adam and Eve) failed.  And we are still failing today.  The LORD will not bless any food placed on the table.  Water and food (what He calls food), He will bless.

Guam, USA?

I’ve often gotten angry, yes angry because I couldn’t buy something over the internet and get it shipped to Guam.  Actually that’s not entirely accurate.  If a company considers Guam a part of the US, as it currently is, then it ships.  But if a company considers it a country, then no go.

Have I been selfish?  Don’t answer that.  Have I been missing the bigger picture?  And have I been only considering the viewpoint of my selfish inner consumer?  The Guamanian people are an amazing people with incredible talents, values, and so much to offer the world at large.  They are a growing people group, but unfortunately the economics of the island forces many of them to move Stateside.

There was a push in the past for a Commonwealth Status for the island.  Why not shoot for Guam, the Country?  A country of your own, Guam?  Of course the economics would still have to be addressed.  But in my heart of hearts I believe that every people group has GOD given territory.  That brings me to my last point.  How bout me?  When are the Chen’s of Guam going to return to Taiwan and eventually China?

Be Tested and Come FORTH as GOLD

What is existence on this earth?  I don’t have it all figured out.  But one part of life is testing and suffering.  There r lessons to be learned, and blessings and suffering or curses if we pass or fail, respectively.

I say, “Step up” or “You can do it!”

It’s part of life and you can succeed, as well as fail.  Which do you think GOD wants to see?  He wants you to succeed!  He loves you.

Let’s go to our beginning with Adam and Eve.  Why was the serpent in the garden anyways?  I’ve heard men say Eve caused the fall of man, and that no, Adam failed by allowing the serpent in.  But, it was GOD who allowed him in.  As we saw in the book of Job, the tempter can do nothing without the LORD’s permission.

So, from the beginning, the LORD set out to test us and grow us.  Us as in mankind.  And us personally of course.  So, be encouraged.  We can do this!  Life is NOT too hard.  So we failed, that’s no excuse to get back up and try again, and again.

They Only Waylay Themselves

Has life treated you unfairly?  Can you immediately think of several people that have wronged you?  Don’t you just want to curse them and die?  Where is justice, GOD?  Do you even care?  Are you there?  If you are GOD then do something?  Why not, then are you powerless?  You must not be GOD?

This is a string of thoughts that eventually ends with ‘There must be no GOD’.  GOD is dead.  Bang.  You just killed Him.

No, not really.  GOD is there, I know Him.  And you do too.  C’mon, you do.  He speaks to you right there in the center of your chest – your fleshy heart.    But what you lack is  just a little understanding.

In the good book, in Psalms, those who do bad things only hurt themselves.  And in reality too.  My father, pushing 70 now, has seen this in his own life.  It just takes time, GOD is slow to anger and to judge.  Yes, you get hurt too, good heart.  But you are on your way up.  Evildoers are on their way to destruction.  As the good books says, “They only waylay (or destroy) themselves’.  Does that thought give you consolation?

As you grow to forgive your enemies, you may even learn to bless them.  No one wants to see people headed for destruction, the fire.  After all, people are the most precious masterpieces of life.  Maybe, just maybe one day you could turn someone from their ways, thus saving them from the fire.  Wouldn’t that just be wonderful?  OK.  Maybe not.

Baby steps.  One step at a time.  Forgive, as GOD has forgiven you most graciously.  Please forgive.