GOD’s Gender

I’ve been jokingly called a heretic once, so why not go for twice?

I come from an ethnic background of polytheism (Taiwan is Taoist and Buddhist).  But, I was raised strict Presbyterian and I now attend a Southern Baptist church.  Just recently, I started to do some thinking and praying.

The idea and discussions in Christianity about GOD’s gender have in my opinion been recycled and reused.  There have been no new ideas generated or revealed about this matter, until now.  :)

So, I, Jim Chen, heretic present these thoughts for your amusement.  Maybe there are male and female spirits, both.  Although there are no instructions in the good book (Bible) to pray to ‘Mother’, are we certain the Bible is complete?  Are we even certain the Bible has been translated correctly?  Dare I say, are we even certain the Bible has not been changed or ‘tampered’ with?  *Gasp*  But allow me to ameliorate by saying, even though the world is an imperfect, depraved place, GOD has a way of making good things come out of the bad, of making things work out for his purposes.  So in that regard, the Bible is ‘infallible’.  Also allow me to say, imperfect interpretation of Scripture…is that infallible?  Flawed interpretation or understanding taught results in flawed lives. 

If we are created in the image of GOD, maybe GOD is Father, Mother, and Son (or Daughter), just as we are?  Could it be so simple?  Have women-hating Bible scholars of old stripped the holy writings of references to divine motherhood or femininity as an effort to discredit and disenfranchise women and perpetuate the battle of the sexes?  Maybe.  At times GOD seems ‘soft’ in the Scriptures.  Could that be the feminine person, the Mother?  Who is named GOD, because GOD is at unity with Himself.  All persons of GOD are one.  We even see angels being referred to as GOD, or the LORD, because they represent the LORD, they are part of the force of GOOD or GOD. 

Saying that GOD is not a woman, is like saying women are some kind of anomaly or fluke – even though it states woman was made in the image of GOD as well.  Like comes from like, and so it follows that femininity comes from femininity.  If GOD is not gendered, it doesn’t make sense to me that He would create gendered creatures.  Jesus prayed to His Father, because as the Word of GOD, He was the only begotten Spirit of the most High GOD, meaning the most High created Him by ‘having sex’ with another Spirit (a feminine Spirit).  Many other Spirits were just created or called forth (just like the animals of earth).  Jesus the GOD-man, is the Word with the Word, and so by the Word becoming man, man (males and females) has become brother and sister to the Word, the very Son of most High GOD.  Aren’t we blessed?  

Even if you think my theology is straight out of hell, try adopting it for a while.  You will find yourself treating women better when you think that GOD is also a woman.  You will at least think better of them, that they belong.  You won’t blame them for the fall of man.  Hating them.  So Eve messed up, we all do.  Adam didn’t have to eat the fruit, he chose to because he loved Eve.  Furthermore, doesn’t the book of Proverbs say wisdom is a woman?  I take that literally.  The Spirit of wisdom (created by GOD) is a female Spirit.  So love your women, and you will have wisdom in your house.  With wisdom comes many good things!  I’ll talk about this more later.

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