Leadership Basics, p.2

I like the saying, walk then look back.  If no one is following you, then you’re not really a leader.

There are different schools of thought on leadership.  Mine have been formulated by…myself.  Not proven, since I’m just a newly established husband and father.  A new leader of my little ‘unit’/family.

If this blog survives through the years, I’ll be sure to update on how my leadership methods work; whether they are really effective or not.  But here they are:

Leadership is modeling.  You have to live what you intend others to learn or follow.  You have to walk the walk as well as talk the talk.  But that’s not enough.  No one will follow you if you aren’t nice to them or if you don’t care about them.  Haven’t you ever tried to tell someone something after a disagreement or tiff?  It is not well received. 

The old question of whether it is better to be feared or loved?  My answer: loved.  Being feared is often used even today especially by men.  Because many men, even some women like to lead with force, sarcasm, or bribery.  Power or strength, intelligence, or a show of wealth/provision being the basis for their leadership.  People all need these things, and a good leader would have them.  But I posit that the basis for leadership should be love or caring for or helping people.  If people are afraid of you, why would they be drawn to you to follow you?  They would avoid you not follow you.  People will go to you if they perceive you not as a threat but as a friend; as someone who cares.  I’ve found that using force with my kid or wife is a short-cut and often the result of impatience.  After many failed attempts to curb my temper, I realized that using force (like to get my kid out of the house faster) is actually a show of weakness.  It takes more strength and intelligence to figure out why things are not going smoothly and to be understanding and patient.

Since leadership is modeling, it is a great responsibility.  No one is perfect, but your followers are watching you.  What you do, they will do.  What you say or how you say, they will say.  You are not only accountable for your actions, actually you are somewhat responsible for your followers since they are copying YOU!  Leadership (authority) is GOD-given.  You are a leader today because GOD thought enough of you, or has prepared you for this.  So step up!  Do your best!  It is a great challenge, but is very rewarding as well.

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