Elijah, What More Can I Say? p.1

I’ve been getting hits for Elijah or Elijah the Prophet.  So what do you guys/gals want to know?  Did he have power?  Wouldn’t you like power like that?  Magic, that’s what it’s like.

The power is GOD’s.  Like Moses who lifted his hands when told, then GOD did the heavy lifting, Elijah spoke and acted as GOD directed.  Like a puppet, sort of.  How would you like to be a puppet?  :)  I’m just kidding.

Elijah wasn’t brain-dead.  He always had free will, and could have disobeyed GOD’s commands at any time.  But he chose to do things GOD’s way, to trust GOD.  He chose to submit his own way of doing things to GOD’s way.  It is not easy.  One may even think of it as a collaboration of sorts.  By following GOD, GOD would in time establish a prophet through fulfilled prophecies, miracles, healings, things of that sort.  A true prophet would be honored in the community eventually.

Elijah was a prophet.  So, what’s a prophet?  Right now, I don’t really know 100%.  But, just as GOD created each of us to be individual and unique, prophets come in all colors, flavors, shapes, and sizes.  That’s for sure.

People don’t usually like prophets around because they remind them of their sins.  Prophets are like policemen, policewomen.  And they may point out people their sins too, ouch. But, the best way to describe what or the way this could be done is in Ezekial.  Prophets ‘warn’ of danger to people’s lives, to their souls.  And they may even be a sign of judgement, as Jonah was to the Ninevites.  But I believe, that the opposite is true also.  Prophets encourage or praise when a person turns from sin, and they could also be a sign of blessing to a community.

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