Saint or Sinner?

Don’t rush the judgement.  That’s the point of the book of Job.  But, I’m hoping that if you meet one, you’d be able to tell the difference.  The best explanation I’ve heard comes from Saint Brad, my friend, that the Holy Spirit in you or with you identifies itself in other people.  RIght now, I can think of several people among my circle of friends whom I know are in.  I can just tell.  Some are church goers, some tried and failed, some don’t care.  But, this much is true, they all have been chosen by GOD.  Is it my task to start preaching them, start Bible studying them, and pester them to join church?  No.  Sorry, not gonna do it.

One thing I’d like to discuss today in greater detail is the term ‘lamb of GOD’.  The word saint has ‘sin’, ‘in’, ‘it’.  But, why?  I thought saints were perfect, shiny, happy people.  Rich, healthy, and victorious.  They could be for GOD’s sake.

Honestly, I don’t know.  But this I do know.  Following Jesus doesn’t only mean following his commands.  It also means suffering.  Suffering for others for GOD”s sake.  It’s taking a hit for someone else.  Like taking a bullet for the president.  A saint will never be asked by Christ to shoulder the sins of the whole world.  That took the power of GOD to do.  Just as Jesus was the Lamb.  We who follow, are little lambs.  The sins of others are transferred to our account, and we suffer.  Our good things in this life are transferred to them, and they are blessed.  This is for the glory of the Father.

GOD gives many gifts, free.  But nothing is really ‘free’ in that someone always has to pay.  GOD pays.  Someone always pays for the ‘free lunch’.  You or someone like you always pays for sin.

Let me just end by saying it is an incredible honor and priviledge to be counted worthy (is how it is said) to suffer for the LORD.  If we saw the man Jesus walking around today, would we recognize Him?  Did he look, how do I say this…not shiny and happy?  Maybe not like an angel?  He was said to be spotless, but that is describing his soul, his heart, his obedience to GOD.  But, his appearance, maybe He did not look like a ‘blessed one’ but rather one who is cursed.

I’ve been wrong of rushing the judgement.  Forgive me.

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