Be Tested and Come FORTH as GOLD

What is existence on this earth?  I don’t have it all figured out.  But one part of life is testing and suffering.  There r lessons to be learned, and blessings and suffering or curses if we pass or fail, respectively.

I say, “Step up” or “You can do it!”

It’s part of life and you can succeed, as well as fail.  Which do you think GOD wants to see?  He wants you to succeed!  He loves you.

Let’s go to our beginning with Adam and Eve.  Why was the serpent in the garden anyways?  I’ve heard men say Eve caused the fall of man, and that no, Adam failed by allowing the serpent in.  But, it was GOD who allowed him in.  As we saw in the book of Job, the tempter can do nothing without the LORD’s permission.

So, from the beginning, the LORD set out to test us and grow us.  Us as in mankind.  And us personally of course.  So, be encouraged.  We can do this!  Life is NOT too hard.  So we failed, that’s no excuse to get back up and try again, and again.

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