Guam, USA?

I’ve often gotten angry, yes angry because I couldn’t buy something over the internet and get it shipped to Guam.  Actually that’s not entirely accurate.  If a company considers Guam a part of the US, as it currently is, then it ships.  But if a company considers it a country, then no go.

Have I been selfish?  Don’t answer that.  Have I been missing the bigger picture?  And have I been only considering the viewpoint of my selfish inner consumer?  The Guamanian people are an amazing people with incredible talents, values, and so much to offer the world at large.  They are a growing people group, but unfortunately the economics of the island forces many of them to move Stateside.

There was a push in the past for a Commonwealth Status for the island.  Why not shoot for Guam, the Country?  A country of your own, Guam?  Of course the economics would still have to be addressed.  But in my heart of hearts I believe that every people group has GOD given territory.  That brings me to my last point.  How bout me?  When are the Chen’s of Guam going to return to Taiwan and eventually China?

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  1. You might want to read the fine print. Most say ships to continental US only-which would exclude Guam, Hawaii, and Alaska.
    Hope that helps.

  2. jchenwa

     /  June 8, 2010

    Thanks, that is a good point.

  3. It probably has to do with contracted shipping costs more than anything. Maybe carriers should reduce their rates outside the continental USA for you folks-that would help a lot.

  4. In my experience a lot of companies take advantage. While I’ve found over the past 6 years things have gotten a little better, I’ve personally ordered things from the U.S. and paid “international shipping” and when the package was received, the postage marked ont he parcel was much less than I paid.

  5. lots of work going on in guam.

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