Following Christ – It’s Not For the Faint of Heart, p.1

I’d like to add to the voices about the Christ, and His strength and love. Please watch the above music video, if you can. Try to watch the Christ and not sympathize with Him, but watch Him as a role model. This is what the Christian life is about. It is about self-sacrifice to the point of ‘pouring it all out’. It is a life about selfish-lessness and giving, giving, giving.  This video is beautifully cut and set to the music, by the way. 

It’s also about taking. Taking a hit. I’m being extreme. One has to take care of oneself and one’s family, that’s a given. But in general, in matters of principle, a life of giving over taking, putting others first rather than exalting the self, is the more rewarding life, in my opinion.

But, it’s not just about the principle of giving.  Jesus knew His Father’s will for Him.  He knew the Father, and spoke and worked with Him daily.  It’s not easy to say, “Your will be done, Father”, especially in this day and age.  We’ll never be called to do what Jesus did.  It’s too hard.  But, I believe, the Father will ask us to do very difficult things.  Whether we obey is another matter altogether.  We can disobey, but then we miss out on the blessing, and we get punished.  That’s the way it is.

To the naysayers about the Christ’s strength, after viewing this, do you still maintain your position that Jesus was a soft-spoken, gentle looking weakling?  That picture, image of Jesus is not accurate.  The truth is what you see here is probably toned-down from what really happened to Jesus Christ.  In the Scriptures, it says he was beaten to the point where he was not recognizably a person anymore.  The physical beatings were one thing, I imagine all the forces of darkness were rallied against Him that day.  I have attached a picture for us to visualize this. 

He could have called down the forces of good to destroy all who opposed Him.  Or He could’ve said the word and they would have disappeared as quickly as they were created.  But He didn’t.

As we can see from this video, Jesus willing and lovingly laid down His life.  Maybe we should follow Him and do things happily and willingly or not at all.  :)  Not begrudgingly. 

The forces of darkness beating down on Christ.  The forces of good watching from above.

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