I’m a retard, you’re a retard, wouldn’t you like to be a retard too?

Well, not really.  Some people find the term offensive.  Apologies.  My point, if you’re still reading, is that in our society we are harsh on people we find slow and ‘unintelligent’.

Actually impaired people

Slow people


Aliens with incomplete grasp of language

the list goes on…

Is being smart everything?  To some it is.  But being smart is relative.  My daddy, GOD, is smarter than you.  Joking.  Being smart is also subject to the elements.  Someone could be smart one day, and because of a cold or something be down another day. 

We should be more patient with people.  Just because we cannot.  cannot.  cannot. wait, we are willing to demean other people who for all we know are the great, grandchildren of Jesus Christ.  People with disabilities should not be made fun of.  Their lives are difficult enough, yet they often are the happiest people.  Such strength.

Slow people.  We have big, slow trucks.  We have lumbering, gigantic animals like the elephant.  Why can’t there be slow people; who talk slow, move slow?  Arrogance, that’s what that is.

Children.  They know what’s going on.  We’re bullies that’s what we are.  Just cause kids are weak and powerless, that gives us the right to attack, abuse, and take advantage of them?  It’s shameful.

Aliens.  They often becoming the best people in the land.  Why you no speak English?  I speak English just fine and two other languages.  What about you?

By the way, I’m a retard.

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