My last ‘harsh’ post, or I’m not GOD

Lately, I’ve been posting kind of harshly.  And I apologize for that.  I’ve been seeing that just because we can do something doesn’t always mean we should do it.  Your hands can be formed into fists for punching someone out, but does that mean we should do that?  No.  I’m not GOD.

In the same way, harsh voices or rebukes, I think, are better left to the LORD.  After all, when the archangel was disputing over Moses’ body as it was said in Jude, he dare not bring a slanderous accusation against the enemy.  Rather, he simply said, “The LORD rebuke you”.  In addition, my impression from the relationships where I lead, I must correct lovingly and gently.  Yet, often, I’ve taken strict and harsh discipline to my care (bringing the fire – or giving some heat), but it would backfire.  They would end up not liking me, or getting me back.  But, if I left it to the LORD, He would always discipline or make them think about what they did.  Again, after all, they are His children too.

You, me, all of us, we’re just people.  No better than each other.  Created lower than the angels, but GOD greatly favors us.  That’s something, but we’re still not GOD.  We are the sons and daughters, children of GOD.  But, we still don’t have the wisdom to make judgements.   Also, in Jude, we should be careful what we say in regards to the enemy.  I’ve seen leaders of the faith, boldly make declarations against the enemy, calling him out by name, and such.  Jude tells us we should not ‘slander celestial beings’.  I take that to mean, don’t say bad things about anyone.  Even the enemy because doesn’t the Christ say love your enemies?  Pray for those that persecute you?  That includes our spiritual enemies, I believe.

My last thoughts are that, somethings just sound funny coming from us.  For example, when Pat Robertson was explaining the calamity in Haiti, he came off as very cold and judgemental.  We who know GOD is just, do not question His hand in dealing with His children worldwide.  I can’t say what Mr. Robertson said, but if GOD said it, it would be unquestionable.  The same thing with saying all non-Christians are going to hell.  Joel Osteen is said to be a ‘traitor’ to the faith because he was unwilling to say who would or would not go to hell when it clearly states in the Bible that Jesus is the only way to the Father.  Yes, Jesus is the Way, but it seems to be in our interests to say such.  Also seems insensitive for attacking other people’s faith, which is just as precious to them as yours is to you.

Maybe why Jesus calls us His sheep, He is the Lamb, because these animals don’t have teeth.  They don’t draw blood, they are peace-loving creatures.

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