The AA (Asian American) Ethos, p.1 (The Ambassadors)

“In my country, I would be a king, a kind of god.  The kind that women want and men secretly want to be, but tear down anyways.”

Hey America,

I don’t like the picture that you painted of me.  Isn’t this nation supposed to be about acceptance?  Give me your poor, your what and what?  My eyes are not too small.  I’m not stupid.  My hair is not too coarse, no, no, no, I don’t want a bowl cut.  Yes, my skin is very nice, thank you.  But, I’m not a girl.  I’m not as big as you, but I can and will kick your ass.  J/K.  Kinda.  I’m not gay, stop asking please.  Do I have to be?  Must I serve you?  Serve and submit?  I’m human you know, I’m a people too.  Why bind me, blind me, gag me, choke me, and cut me off?

Everything of mine is gone.  I am reduced to nothing.  Is that how it is for everyone?  (Actually, yes it is)

“I see a vision of one billion strong, possibly two billion strong.  Rising up against, a sleek 300 million.  You have the technology, but we have the people.  Man versus machine.  Who will win?  My money is on John Henry.  Fighting and infighting, a great world war.  In the end, everyone dies.”


“I see The Vision, of mankind loving itself, and it’s Father and Mother.  Loving and respecting all life.  Peace and harmony covering the land.  The weapons melted down into plows.  Lion sitting next to the lamb.  All of creation experiencing wholeness.”

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