Movie Review – Asian American Film – Shanghai Kiss

(This movie is NOT for the kids.  Language and sexual situations.)

Being Asian-American, I like to see AAs in film and television, it just does my heart good.  I found this title on Google and downloaded it from iTunes, watched it today.  My thoughts and feelings?


The dude, Ken Leung (of X-men fame, spikey head) is a really good actor.  Asian American guys (some) might be pleased to see our hero not only dated but wooed by a cute, albeit underaged, Caucasian young lady.

I don’t know why it is important to the AA psyche to be desirable to other races, but here we can get our fix.  Personally, I made my choice to marry my wife who is of the same ethnicity as myself.  It has been really great for me, but to each his/her own.  Whatever floats your boat.

Ken’s character Liam inherits a house in Shanghai.  He goes there to sell it, only to ‘fall in love’ with the city (and a girl) of course.  His sense of belonging in China I’m guessing would resonate with many AAs, but a following scene with a local Chinese guy is probably equally resonating.  Later, the local Chinese guy calls Liam American, and tells him to basically ‘go home’.  AAs are too Chinese for America, and too American for Chinese.  Stuck.  Haha, it’s comedy.

Shanghai Kiss?  Is that now a euphemism like Yellow Fever?  You just got Shanghai kissed!

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