My Neighbor’s Breadfruit Tree

In the neighbor’s yard, there is a HUGE breadfruit tree; growing up to the sky.  Right now, in the scorching heat, it is still bearing fruit like a champ.  All the trees in my parents’ garden are not, it’s too dry and hot.  At my other property, same story.  Along the road, when I look, yup, same story.  This tree is special.  It’s a king of trees.  Yet, no one appreciates it.

First of all, what’s a breadfruit?  It’s roundish, green, has a hide with ‘cells’ on it.  I’m told it eats like taro, but has a distinct taste, and needs to be cooked out a while.  But when I see this amazing tree with all the fruit on it, that could feed a village – it just seems an injustice is happening.

Recently, I blogged on diet.  In the olden times, Chamorros, the native people of Guam ate these fruits as a staple.  Now, we all eat rice on Guam.  All I’m saying is, if that was my tree, I’d eat one breadfruit a meal (3 a day).  I wouldn’t have to buy.  It’s right there, provided for me.  Maybe I’m getting old, so my sensibilities are changing, but that’s my outlook.

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  1. Breadfruit trees are the most stately trees in the tropics — I love ’em. I have, however, not yet acquired a taste for the starchy paste you get from the fruit when it is in season.

  2. jchenwa

     /  July 16, 2010

    Ah, okay, maybe I’ll just eat one/day. lol.

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