Prayer, Some thoughts, p. 1

Let’s first do a study of prayer with .  The first instance of ‘pray’ is in Genesis 20:7.  Abraham was to pray for someone who has his wife so that GOD would not kill them.  So, we see that prayer is not only communication or communication in the spirit with GOD, prayer is an act.

Prayer can be outloud or silent, but mostly it involves asking.  Not just for stuff, sometimes it’s for wisdom.  Sometimes we want to know things.  Other times we just want to vent.   We cry to our LORD.  He always hears us.  But sometimes He doesn’t ‘hear’ us or answer us.  Why?  Usually, it’s because we’re sinning, and will not turn and obey.

As someone who has hit rock bottom and bounced back (I have the scars to prove it), I know what it is like to have heaven shut to you.  I have felt as said in Deuteronomy, the sky above like bronze and the ground beneath me like iron.  Like Jonah, I ran from GOD, and thanks to Him, He got me back on track.

The human heart is wicked and is set on it’s own ways.  Children must learn obedience over time.  And perhaps go beyond obedience, duty, and to love?

Brothers and sister, most of us love GOD, with all our hearts.  So what’s the problem?  Jesus taught us to pray the LORD’s prayer.  It’s a simple prayer.  Many leaders of the church tell us it is a pattern for prayer.  I tried approaching prayer that way, it didn’t work.  The problem was work.  What got me in touch with GOD was the realization that GOD is a real person.  So I started spending time with Him.  I stopped talking.  I tried opening my ‘ears’ to hear what He had to say.  A good book is Hearing GOD by Dallas Willard.  But even if you don’t read it, just listen and open your heart.  Like it says in the Book, you must not doubt.  Often we hear from the LORD, but ‘forget’ basically dismiss the thought or impression you received.  Over time, if we are sincere we will develop greater sensitivity to the Spirit’s prompting and guidance.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Father, in Heaven, Holy is your name,

Your kingdom come, you will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven,

Give us our daily bread and forgive us our sins,

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one


– – – – – – – – – – – – –

A few notes on the LORD’s prayer:  It is amazing, we call the LORD of the Universe, our Father.  His Kingdom is not here (not setup – where are His kings?), and His will is not being done on earth.  Asking for food and forgiveness is good.  Maybe we always need to ask for provision?  After all, forgiveness only comes by repenting and asking.  It seems it is possible not to be lead into encounters with evil, and GOD may or may not deliver.  Perhaps this is not a pattern for prayer, but a first prayer.  And maybe this is the basic ‘pattern’ of life.  Life is ruling under the Father, doing His will, receiving all you need from Him, including forgiveness, testing, and protection-deliverance.

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