GOD Lives, p.1

I’m quite vocal about my faith. But is that always a good thing? Sometimes it can be annoying, I’m starting to notice. But, is it just me or have all parents seen this? Early on, my faith grew little by little, maybe I didn’t have eyes to see. But, the most dramatic leaps in my faith of the living GOD were when my son was born. I have witnessed two miracles as all young parents have but maybe never stopped to think upon? Or have I been so arrogant to think so.

The first miracle was the birth of my son. That really made me think. My wife and I made love-had sex. ‘By chance’ my sperm met her egg, and away we went. But, the funniest thing happened. Her belly kept growing and growing. How? What created and was growing the baby within her? The answer for me was GOD. WOW. How was this happening? Mind boggling.

Then Josh was born on Dec. 10. When he popped out of my wife, he was this little guy. So small, with a beating heart and his chest moved up and down as he breathed. He moved his arms and legs so slowly, and peaceful opened his little eyes and looked around at the ‘real’ world for the first time. It was extremely moving. I didn’t remember thinking anything at that moment except that I was in awe and wonder. All of a sudden, I had a little baby son. A gift, from GOD.

The second miracle I witnessed was when Josh was around one year old. We were eagerly anticipating his walking. Anticipating was more like anxiously even worrying that he would walk, that he would be slow. We tried showing him and telling him how to walk, but in the end we figured that all we could do is get him some baby walkers and the rest would be up to him. What we saw was he figured it out himself. We didn’t teach him anything. Or did he? I know that GOD taught him how to walk.

What does this mean for my faith and living out my faith? I’m not sure, but I’m starting to see that everything is really in GOD’s hands and we have very little control over anything. And the things we try to shape and control, often turn out subpar compared to how GOD could do it if we ‘let’ him. I’m walking the line between being perceived as ‘passive’ and allow GOD to be the King, and learning to follow His lead. There are interesting chapters in the end part of Matthew, the Gospel that describe a household as servants. The man, or head of the household is merely described as one of the servants with his fellow servants. Don’t understand it, but chewing on that right now.

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