My Zoology

Unlike my theology which states there is a GOD, I don’t believe in zoos. Admittedly, part of me enjoys taking my son there, especially to free ones like the Chicago Zoo. So in that respect I am weak. Because, deep down I believe animals have been mistreated and yes, disenfranchised. Animals have rights too, that we have collectively decided that they don’t. As living beings, they have a right to do the things they have to – to survive. And as managers of the earth, according to the biblical account, we SHOULD look out for our ‘brethen’ (some cultures believe this), the animals. That includes making sure they have what they need to live and flourish.

Instead, we treat animals as entertainment. Basically, we put them on display. We take them out of their natural environments and say we are helping them because otherwise they wouldn’t survive. But we ourselves are the one’s responsible for making their environments unhabitable. We domesticate animals for our own pleasure and use, but in the process confuse, breed out the natural instinct, ‘enslave’, cut off, and give away their babies. This sounds harsh, but really it is just my thinking. And that’s what we are doing.

And lastly, we eat animals. Again, I admit, once in a while, I like to have a steak. But, for a few months I’ve been mostly vegetarian and I FEEL GREAT! Not only are vegetables and fruits the best food for us, if no one ate meat, we wouldn’t have to shed so much blood.

I’m talking to crazy, I guess, but we vote with our feet, so to speak. I mostly try to live a vegetarian lifestyle, but at the same time hope not to be rollin’ holy. I recognize that this is a depraved, fallen world. Me and everything in it is flawed and imperfect, and never will be in this age. That is until the Christ returns to make things anew. I’ve come across many writings by religious sects mostly that promote the pursuit of purity and it seems perfection. At this point, my thinking is I’ll work with GOD on those things, but extreme pursuit of holiness has always backfire on me leading to pride and not a ‘setting apart’ of myself, but self-exaltation and alienation from my family, friends, and fellow man. I hope I don’t come across as a purist, but that’s what I think about animals and people. We got a lot of esplaining to do regarding our treatment of the Animal Kingdom. We’d best start to undo some of the damage now, and make things right. Just my thoughts.

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