The New Art of War, by Sun of TZU (GOD)

When you see the dark, demonic, hissing, putrid, wretch of a person, what do you do?  Or the pale, snake-eyed, stinking, roaring ogre?

Chop it’s head off!  Right?  To chop is right (not really), but to hug ‘it’ is divine.  And who doesn’t want to be divine? (Stop reading, if being right is enough for you)

Although the title is a play on Art of War by Sun Tzu, the theme of this post is ‘Love Your Enemy’.  By the way, ‘tzu’ really does mean GOD in Chinese.  Over and over we see in the book of Proverbs that violence is wrong.  But, Jim, we see GOD directing Israel to fight for their land, killing their enemies?  What’s up with that?  Is GOD contradicting Himself here?  Who am I to question the Almighty GOD, El Shaddai?  But, I guess if I had to gander an answer it would be that GOD was working with his imperfect people living in their imperfect world with their imperfect ways.

In the Psalms, and all through the good book, we see depictions of GOD as a warrior, smiting and destroying evil.  That concept of fighting and eventually war is expected from our forefathers and ancestors.  After all, that was the world they lived in.  In the more peaceable world of today (2010), may we ask ‘what is the point of fighting and winning?’  Is the war really good versus evil?  Right versus wrong?

If we get real for a minute, we know that war and conflicts are always always for stuff – real or perceived (imaginary?).  After powering through the Art of War, it saddened me that the operations of conquest and killing could be translated into ‘Art’.  I’m Chinese, I read it, and if I were to translate it – Military Methods or Plan by Sun Tzu.  Might this be another case of war propaganda?  Hm?

Well back to the point, Jesus’ ‘art of war’ was to give.  To give up whatever the other person wanted.  It’s a crazy, crazy philosophy that of Jesus Christ.  That included being insulted and derided.  The Way to win is to lose.  Opposite and totally revolutionary.  But why?

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