Do Not Fear, the Soursop

To food lovers, and specifically fruit lovers, we have soursop on Guam!  If you don’t see them ocassionally at the local supermarket, they can be found at fruit stands or @ the Dededo flea market on Saturdays and Sundays, early.

They look stinky and unedible.  But, they’re not.  You’re just thinking of durian or jackfruit.  A lot of people enjoy those too.  These have a similar appearance but the taste is good to me.  It has a little ‘protective’ odor.  But after taking a whiff, it is un-noticeable.  It actually has a very nice ‘citrus’ taste (vitamin C) taste.  Not sour by any means, it is nicely sweet (not overly), but the texture may turn some off.  It is very fibrous and juicy, and the fruit is organized like pineapple, but again is very chewy and fibrous.  There are also big seeds tucked in the fruit.  Another hurdle, is the outer skin of this fruit gets black and not nice looking when ripe.  But when you open it up, it is very tasty indeed.

Soursop is very rare and when you eat it you can feel special.  Mostly because other (many) people do not dare eat it.  My father said this fruit used to be served to emperors in China, brought in from far, far away.

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