Family Business Woes

There are good points and bad points in working with family.  The most obvious good points is that the work environment is often more casual and lax.  Things may get done just as quickly and effectively, but in a looser way because the trust and empowerment is there.  Another good one, is often the pay is better, and the benefits better, because you are the son or daughter.

But today I am reminded of some reasons why working with family can be a pain.  First of all, the boss (Dad and/or Mom) often unload on the ’employees’  (the sons and/or daugthers).  I’ve never worked for a boss that did that.  It always stayed civil and professional.  It’s not a good feeling, and basically can ruin your day.  But, contrary to the above good point, sometimes working for family doesn’t pay.  Sometimes, the parents or uncles, whoever, will not pay the children/kids.  They think why did I have kids for anyways if not to save me money?  They also think anyways, the kids will get my money when I die.  But if I’ve learned anything in life, nothing is for certain.  All we have is what is in our hand.  Promises (even investments) are often unfulfilled and empty.  Things change.  Nothing is for certain.  (That’s why we can only trust GOD)

The parents have a point.  They did raise the kids and so the kids can NEVER pay them back.  But, at the same time, it doesn’t feel good to not be paid even as good as a hired person.  It can have bad effects on self-esteem or self-concept.  But, oh well.

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