Great Advice from my Great Dad, Dr. Chen

If everyone just takes care of themselves, then there would be no problems.  -Dr. Chen

So true, we’re often busybodies, minding everyone’s business but our own.  Or we want to take care of the orphan in Africa, when we have blood relatives begging for our help.  That’s a case of priorities out-of-whack.  It’s just common sense, folks.

A Pciture ofo Succe$$

Is the church of Christ no more than a McDonald’s scheme to be multiplied and cash streams flowing for you to use however you please?  For the sake of Christ, is more like for the sake of your own pride and glory.  Do you not fear the LORD for taking advantage of the weak and hopeful, easily confused, what will you do when they grow-up and wake-up?  Pleasing GOD and pleasing you are one in the same.  But, at least teach the the true word of the LORD.  Expounding on verses out of context with your ulterior motives make no sense to me but only to hear the words Success and money will go to you if you give to me, it is GOD’s will to be so.  GOD loves all people and those who are backs are being broken because of you will break yours.  <u>Pray for mercy in the day of judgement.</u>

What’s In A Name?

Do any or all of these sound right?

I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, I believe in Buddha, I believe in Allah, I believe in YWH, I believe in Amen, I believe in the One, I believe in Two Sticks, I believe in El Shaddai, I believe in Elohim, I believe in Lao Tien Yeh, I believe in Sumito, I believe in Zeus, I believe in Odin, I believe in the Holy Spirit, I believe in the Kingdom, I believe in the Lion and the Lamb, the Alpha and the Omega, Shiva, Indra, Kali, Nephesh, LORD, Lord of Hosts, Son of Man, Son of GOD, Ancient of Days, Father, Abba, etc…

Call Him what you want, He is who He is.  There is only One like Him.

Jesus vs. Buddha?

WHO would win in a fight?  That’s the basic thinking we’re usually talking about.  If you catch my drift.  There is only ONE GOD, that much is true.  So why do people fight over woes GOD is stronger?  It is idolatry.  They are pitting their ‘made up gods’ against each other.  As well as leading themselves into death and destruction.  To those who believe in Buddha, it’s good to be searching and seeking after GOD.  GOD will only help you, b/c He has every interest to and no reason to harm you.  I believe in the Christ, also GOD.  Why?  Because He is the only One I know, and maybe it is better that way.  Lame, but another reason for you to know this Person is to go before Him, as you do other characters in the temple and just maybe Once, thank Him for what He did.  The Christ sacrificed himself to provide for the purification of sins.  Know one really knows all that is going on in the Heavenlies, but according to the Bible, the Christ is the Son of GOD, not just a son of righteousness meaning a ‘good person’, He is the only begotten, of the same essence, son of the Most High.  He is THE PRINCE.  I don’t really understand all that.  But, over time maybe I’ll understand.  But, GOD will still go on loving us no matter what, and he’ll keep disciplining us no matter what, but a recognition of Jesus sacrifice is just a nice thing to do, and maybe required.  Just my thoughts, humbly, -j

Spiritual or Blood Jews?

Every think you might have Jewish bloodline?  After all, the Jews were scattered, and when that happens ‘intermarriage’ happens.  There are no pure bloodlines, and if you look around, language and culture are good indicators of lineage.  There are nomadic peoples of every type of people around.  Someone had to start those practices and at the very least these people are brothers of the early Jews who seemed to be the only ones that wandered and kept livestock.  Abraham was told by GOD that many nations will be blessed through you.  Could that also be imagined to mean that he would birth many nations, after all the LORD said his descendants would be like the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashores.  There aren’t that many Jews, or are there?  Are there that many ‘spiritual’ Jews?  Or is there a physical component to the spiritual?  Do they go hand in hand?  Perhaps?  I don’t know.  What do you think? Can we trace back that far?  And is good seed are all related anyways?  Hm.  Don’t know.

My Experience w. Tithing, p.1

It bit.  After studying for some time, I believe you give what you want, what you can.  Period.

I’m Trying to ‘KEEL’ You

Keel = Stagger or the bone on the bird, at which flight muscles are attached.

I’m not bad, I’m good.  If I say something that eats at you, burns your conscience, throws you into delirium, or just infuriates you.  Apologies, I’m trying to KEEL you, not k**l you. 

I’m trying to wake you up from the matrix.  I want to see you FLY!

Does GOD Like a Good Challenge?

It seems so.  He wrestled Jacob all night.  He is inexaustible, so it seems He likes challenges from the challenging in order to build them up.  He like to grow and strengthen His children, all 6 billion of them.

My Cross to You, Singleness, Not Kids Yet, No Biggie.

If GOD had a job for you, would it involve missions to the ‘lost’?   Well, I don’t know what it means to be you, if I did I probably still would’nt care, but GOD cares deeply.  To those who are STILL SINGLE, that’s what you are.  Enjoy it, make the most of it, don’t care what others say (even your parents – if you GENUINELY feel in your heart that’s your lot for now), and be that.  Until GOD changes things for you or not.  Be the best you can be, how you are and the way you’re supposed to be.  You are a shining example to those who are single.  You never know who is watching you.  GOD places people exactly where He wants.  The Great Amen does, and if you don’t have kids does that make you less of a wife or mother?  You can still be a mother without having kids, yes, it is possible.  But, don’t worry, if it is meant to be it will happen.  That sometimes takes things on your end, but it’s like a Space Shuttle mission that all comes together in the perfect timing, like the making of that perfect Gourmet dish.  And again, maybe you are an example or being of help to someone because of your status.  Does that make sense?  Love you.

HELL and Nietsche, misunderstood?

Or at least often mis-spelled?  Sorry, Nietzsche.  Nietzsche is famous for proclaiming the death of GOD.  Certain people got all up in arms about that – for GOD certainly cannot be killed?  After reading his biography and attempting to read his writing, I was faced with a genius beyond my comprehending.  He collapsed after protecting a horse from being whipped.  How he starts ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ is with the personification of Truth as Woman.  These are not the acts of the crazed, misanthropic, Atheist some paint him to be.  Atheism sometimes can be a legitimate reaction ‘and protection’ to the hypocrisy and abuses of church culture. 

Regarding HELL.  The fear of burning up forever in excruciating, pain worse than you ever felt, TORTURE, being skinned alive, these ‘instruments’ don’t strike me as something GOD, the Ultimate GOOD would use?  Okay, maybe.  But, I’m a little skewed toward the ‘nice guy’ side, but this CONCEPT of HELL really can reek havoc on someone.  Personally I know someone who was at the tip of despair, b/c some well meaning Christian (ah, bygones be) told them to clean up their lives or they were going to HELL to suffer for eternity.  This is indoctrinated into many churches, this belief.  But is it good?  Does it reflect what we know GOD to be like?  I don’t think so.

There is no HELL mentioned in all the Bible.  There are places called the Lake of Fire, hades or sheol, the Abyss, the darkness.  All not nice places.  But could they be metaphorical as well as physical places?  Something to think about?  To me, fire is purification.  It is suffering, but GOD never lets us suffer beyond what He desires for us.  It is controlled suffering.  Darkness and other places are often places of confinement.  Many of us who lived in the States, feel ‘imprisoned’ on Guam, sometimes.  Did you know, the Chinese word for Guam is Guan Dow, or translated Shut Island, or Prison Island.  Ha-ha.  It can feel that way sometimes.  But naw, Guam is a beautiful paradise, fo sho’.

Sign of Authority

People are all under authority.  Be it your parents, boss, or someone else.  It could be GOD, himself.  What is the sign?  Funny, the sign of greater authority is usually misconstrued as powerlessness or aging.  Men, some women, lose their hair as they grow older.  It is talked about in the Bible that shorter hair is a sign of greater authority.  But, that is just a sign.  What is going on inside and what is outside sometimes are not the same.  Only GOD know fully, and if you really try to talk with someone, you might get a glimpse of who they really are, or a feeling.

Time to Lose – Lose the Training Wheels

Lose the Training Wheels, you’ve sprouted wings, now fly! :-)

Sometimes we don’t understand what, and we don’t even know, but many times things are just the way GOD intended.  THINGS ARE JUST THE WAY THEY SHOULD BE.


The power of 666, or lack there of

Sometimes, yes, life is not so serious.  And given that GOD is the Power that He is, 666, is really nothing, but may serve as a sign.  It’s the sign of the Anti-Christ.  OOOOO.  THAT’S BAD.  A lot of people are ANTI-something.  ANTI-war, ANTI-aging, ANTI-pasto, or something.  Those against Christ, the Chosen One(s) of GOD usually have some reason.  But, that doesn’t mean GOD and his minions should be against back.  To each his/her own.  6 is the number of man.  To me, a triple 6 is to be totally ‘owned by this world’, body, soul, and spirit; to not have any concern anymore for GOD, justice, what is right, goodness, etc.  For it’s a dog-eat-dog world, it’s crazy sometimes.  I can’t say with any certainty that being 666 is being cursed or should be hated, all I know is I’ve seen the sign many times in my life – about certain people, who could have benefitted from my help in whatever way.  And I didn’t.  One person, Mr…see, now I can’t even recall his name, he was a patient of my father’s.  He needed GOD, maybe some other help from me.  I know he is in paradise with Jesus now.  They say there is no hell, that it’s hell on earth.  I believe that.  If GOD is so good, so cool, I don’t think it would get worse than this.  AND I believe everyone will be in His presence again.  Religious want to believe they’re IN, and others are OUT.  But, I believe, think, feel, know, whatever that if GOD is that good, and cool, everyone will ‘go to Heaven’.  It’s just when you’re there, THE NEXT LIFE, will be measured out based on how you lived this one.  Gotta go, so 666 are people that need our help, our prayers, never our pity b/c they know what they are doing.  I hope 666s will turn back to GOD, GOD is love.  He can fill them up, if they will allow.  Pastors often say don’t worry or think about ‘Satan’, the devil.   That is beyond your ‘thinking’?  Nonsense, I say.  It is very beautiful and noble that a child would pray for the CHIEF DEVIL.  If GOD is that good and BIG hearted, He must have made room and a Way for that person to go home to Him as well.  Maybe the Way is ‘through the FIRE’, but aren’t we being burned, shaped, purified by life right now?  Sometimes I can say, life is a fire.  I talk about ‘heavy’ topics, but this heavy one is light.  It’s light b/c, actually no matter what if you really love GOD, and GOD loves you, then He’ll always cover you and carry you.  It may take many, many lifetimes to ‘get it right’, but you’ll get there together with Him. 

No biggie.

No worries.

Not a problem.

Nothing is a problem for the Almighty GOD.

Just Happy That I’m Alive

For a while, I was ‘just happy to be alive’.  As you may have read along, I survived a really bad car wreck.  One that should have taken my life, so for a long time I was just happy to be alive.  Everyday was a blessing.  I would be conscious of every breath that I was taking, and being thankful for that.  And that.  And that one.

Practically, I was recovering from the accident, so I was depending on my parents again.  But, that experience was very precious, one that I still have from time to time.  But, increasingly more rarely, for the troubles of life always creep up and jump on our backs.  If I had to try to describe the place of ‘just happy’, it would be free from all the things that can bind us and that we’re responsible for.  Because after my car accident, I didn’t have anything.  I didn’t have a place, my stuff was all sold because I was in the hospital so long and no one knew when I’d snap out of it. no car payments, no car to maintain, no need to exercise, etc.  Like what Tyler Durden said from Fight Club, “Your stuff owns you…”  Now, my life is become more established and all of that is coming back.  But the difference now is that I’m not only living for myself.  I’m gladly providing and helping my wife and son, and when I can other people.  It’s a good trade off.  Tasting that made me wonder, “Is this life with all it’s “encumbrances” really the way?”  It’s probably a moot question, because the genie is out of the bottle so to speak.  Maybe in the next life, we can do without a lot of the things we have now.

Ruminations, p.1 -‘Amen, So Be It’

Who told me Amen = So Be It?

Or only So Be It.  We see in Revelations 3:14, that Jesus calls Himself, the Amen.  It’s His Name!  Why do we add ‘In Jesus Name, or Amen’ when Jesus Himself does not teach us to pray that way in Matthew 6?

Hmmmmm.  Something to ruminate upon?

Do Gooders

Is it enough to do good?  There are many do gooders – or modern day heroes in our world.  To these, I say, “great job, it is not easy to do good, when it is SO easy to lie, steal, cheat, and kill.  Yes, kill.”  You are the great, riding high on the mountains and hills of the lands.

But I challenge, for lack of a better world, no, implore that you consider taking it up a notch, if you will.  Bam!  Be perfect.  What does this mean, or how do I consider the usage of perfect?  Perfect to me, means complete or mature.  It is not easy to commit.  But, now is the time, the earlier the better, IF you want someone to love you for who you are.

Letters To My Daughter(s), the father

If I never told you that I love you, I do.   If I was too busy too pay you a compliment, it was because I wanted the best for you.  If I wasn’t there, I have no excuse.  I’m sorry.

Now that you’re grown, you have children of your own.  It’s a lot to handle.  I don’t know what happened to the world, but it seems being a mother is not a full-time job anymore.

So what is going to happen to our children?  They will not have what they need at all levels.

I love you just the way you are.  But, the best thing for you is to come home.  If I am not bodily present then find me spiritually.  Yes, but beware the wolves in sheeps’ clothing.  There are good and bad people EVERYWHERE even within the sanctity of the family, and even within the church.

The Truth Will Be All You Know

When you speak a lie, as we all know, your tongue gets a used to it.  And pretty soon, you have to tell a lie to cover that lie and then another to cover that one.  It’s not a good feeling to have to make up this and that, it’s kind of a panicky feeling.  I know.  And people usually can tell if we are not being straight with them, so to speak.  People don’t trust those they don’t find honest.  Totally, but loving, gentle, and thoughtful truth is usually the best policy, in my experience.

What I found to be the worst thing about living in a world of lies, is pretty soon you, yourself become deceived.  You will be unable to make decisions, enjoy life, and all kinds of bad feelings come.  Most of all, you become lost at some kind of levels and have a great sense of disturbance and no peace within.  It’s not just feelings, your life will become unstable and all kinds of trouble will result.  The only way out is to clean up your life one thought, one word, one act, one relationship at a time.  Only GOD can help, ask Him.

The Justice of Just Business

A quick challenge to those of us who are in the world of business, some more in it then others, but no one more in it then GOD. I’m humbled by people like Warren Buffett who humbly and graciously is giving away most of his billions of dollars. Not one to spoil his children, in a recent press release he stated that he has set aside adequate money for himself and his family, for generations I’m sure. That’s something Christians maybeable to learn, that it’s alright to have enough. It’s okay to have nice things. It’s not a sin to store up wealth, but also to consider the next world and have riches in heaven as well as continuing to share the wealth with the less fortunate.

It is not smart to strip oneself naked to ‘help’ others. That’s not a good example. But also, what about your family? Mr. Buffett has set aside enough and they will have a nice life or lifestyle too. There is nothing wrong with that. He earn his money honestly and through much hard work, I’m sure.

Now comes the hard part, having been a businessman, but now downsized to a craftsman, I’ve had time to think. The Hebrew Bible tells us that one thing that GOD does not seem to like is the oppression of workers. There is even a verse in Proverbs that says not to hold the wages of a worker overnight. This is in contrast to the way we do things in the world of work and business. People are trained to go out get a degree and work for someone. That is good for most, some people are more independent and can take care of themselves and even thousands through their GOD given abilities and position, like Bill Gates-Microsoft and other such large companies; Mr. Buffett included. What’s my point? Be nice to your employees in the way that matters the most – pay them as well as you can. Humbly, -J

Famous Words, I’m Sorry For The Thing That I Made It

What can I say, but that we often do this. Life is complex, but can be simple too if we want it to be.

Confessions. p.4

I’m critical. I’m negative and insensitive. I want to change, I don’t like to hurt people but I do. The CHRIST told us to be careful in pointing out other’s faults because we have the same problem but in greater measure. Just like the old saying, “If you smelt it, then you dealt it” (referring to farts), if you can see that problem then you got it. We only understand, cansee things that we ‘know’, if you know what I mean.

So, in practice, I’m working on either keeping my mouth shut and/or just blaming myself for anything and everything, because it usually turns out better than way.

Rather than going around fixing things, we can just ‘stay home’ and work on ourselves and ours. We can ‘Let go and let GOD’ be GOD, for we have no real power to change anyone, ourselves included without Him.

Notes on ‘Clash of the Titans’ and ensueing drivel

Hey, it was a good movie. My mom doesn’t like us kids to watch monster movies, but I’m at the point in my growth where they don’t bother me anymore, so thanks Mom, but I’m alright. I’m alright because I have strength. My notes: Who were these ‘gods’? According to the Bible, they are spirits. So they are real. But are they really gods? I’ve heard some preachers say that any spirit besides GOD is demonic. I’m not sure. Maybe these ‘gods’ and it’s best not to name names, are a creation, spirits, but level(s) above mankind. They have a history of mistreating mankind, could they be the same spirits ‘plaguing’ the Chinese and other so called polytheist cultures?

They are superior to man in the movie, but do not have total power, it seems they are more like the super heroes we see in our comic books. It is also possible they created man, but as we create our babies. Ultimately it is GOD who creates, but we cooperate with him.

When the three witches come on the scene, I’m reminded of Chinese fortune tellers. They told the Hero, Perseus that he would die. But we don’t see him dying in the end, do we? My own wife was once told by a fortune teller that she would never have children. Okay. We have a kid and he is such a good boy. These are false prophets who destroy lives with their words. Even those of us who do not consider ourselves gifted in spiritual type things, so to speak, can realize the power of their words to create or destroy, as the witches sought to.

Our words can be used to create. We can breathe life and send blessings to them. It’s like a spell, I guess, but GOOD. In the Hebrew Bible, the book of Ezekial, GOD tells E. to prophesy to a bunch of bones in a desert. As he spoke to them, they came to life. The flesh, sinews, all that good stuff formed around them, they became people and stood up to be a great army for GOD. I’m not for mobilizing anything, I’m just a normal guy. But, the point is that our words are extremely powerful.

Our children. Our words can make them into incredible, wonderful, amazing people GOD created them to be, or our words can cause irreparable damage to them body, mind, soul, and spirit. It’s a great challenge, but one we may want to take seriously.

Some New Words, p.1

I didn’t make them up, from Google Word Verification:

phe – Greek for ‘speak’
ani – Hebrew for ‘I am, or I AM?’

Speak LORD

mul – Punjabi for ‘root’
zat – Turkish for ‘sit or seated’

to – English indicative of ‘motion’
Wandering? Or rootless?

again, Wandering? Should I rome or gel? :)

un – ‘not’
les – ‘leash’, Old English


-What’s that spell? The wander will not find freedom which is the LORD. Go home to GOD, make peace with your parents, honor them in the land of your fathers, and you will receive a piece (peace) and freedom like you have never experienced. As in the Tao, the nature of things is to return, ever returning. You can run, but you cannot hide. GOD wills His LOVE is irresistible.

NOtes to self, p.1

The verse:

    To root out a matter is to the glory of a king, concealing a matter is to the glory of GOD.

I’m often tempted to out people. Because of injuries to me, I want to reveal the injustices for the world to hate on. Does that really get me mine back? At the most, it makes me a king. Those of us with brothers and sisters know that often we have to overlook things, sometimes very, very big things. Is that being unethical as some might think? No, a decade ago, I may have somewhat thought so, but now. Now, letting things slide is the new justice for me. As I move into my forties, I’ll seek to let GOD do the heavy lifting. Justice is not within my understanding. We do our best to cover one another, and let GOD be glorified. He is glorified when we get along. When peace rests on the Kingdom. It is hard to forget a matter, but do it for GOD, do it for He who owes no one, but to whom all owe everything. It’s probably us who get doubly, even multiplicitously blessed when we follow His precept to do this. But you will only know if you do it, Jim.

The Lin Family – Spiritual Heritage

I’d like to ‘boast in the LORD’, as Brother and Saint, Paul coined. May this encourage my family members on my mom’s side – the Lins. All us Lins know about how GREAT our great-grandpa was. Perhaps it is worth looking into. How did he acquire such wealth? Besides the point, what I’m most proud of is that we come from a long line of followers. I don’t recall when but according to my mom our ancestors were among the first to believe or convert to Christianity and so were run out of the village because of their faith. That’s radical!

Was MJ a Brother?

That sounds funny, but I daftly I meant was Michael Jackson a true brethren, follower of Jesus CHRIST and Holy Spirit of GOD.  Take for example these lyrics from his song, “You Are Not Alone”

-Something whispers in my ear and says

-You are not alone,

-I am here with you,

-Though you’re far away,

-I am here to stay,

-You are not alone,

-Though we’re far apart,

-You’re always in my heart.

I guess I’m, we’re not alone.  Which brings me to a subtopic: What does a righteous man of GOD look like?  Could he look like Michael Jackson, ‘the freak’ as some so kindly say.  All we’ve heard is his wildly popular and pleasing music and all kinds of media stories.  No one really knows Mr. Jackson except his family.  I’m guessing he was and probably always will be misunderstood.  But, inspired by holiness, very, very possible.

Regarding the Law of the LORD, p.1

I’m looking at Romans 5:12-14.  Please follow along if you have a Bible.  Here if you would, students of the Bible and or Faith, are a few things.  The first commandment by GOD to Adam was not to eat fruit from a certain tree. By eating of that tree, death came into the world.  So, we may say that the sin that entered the world was the eating of that fruit.  I’m not sure, maybe sin is referring to the actual act of eating that fruit, or maybe sin is about ‘wrong action’ – or acting in disobedience.  GOD says don’t do that, and we do it.

So there are a few ideas: Maybe the fruit was a poisoned fruit, that got into our DNA.  Adam and Eve ate it up and death is passed on to following generations.  Another thought is that death is the result of ‘evil works’ or sin.  For ‘the wages of sin is death’.  Or maybe it’s both.  We’re screwed either way.  It’s a double whoopper of death, served up for your pleasure.

And Christ tells us He does nothing that He has not seen the Father do.  Or rather, what He does, he ‘copies’ from His Father.  So, in practice, we should try our best to do the right thing, for people are watching.  But perhaps, sin is the performance of ‘wrong’, which is seen and reproduced by others over and over again.  Nature and Nurture, if you know what I mean.   (more…)

GOD’s gift to man – (W)oman

In Romans 5, we see that the gift of GOD and Jesus Christ is the Holy Spirit who as it says, follows to bring NOT condemnation (marked for destruction), but justification (marked for restoration and regeneration).

My wife’s name is Joanna,or gift of GOD or GOD is gracious or gives gifts.  Whenever I was having a time with her, I would hear a whisper saying, “But she’s my gift to you, don’t you want my gift?”  I never would lose her, but pray that we would be together through eternity, eons, lifetimes, and seasons as husband and wife.

But, I believe there are female spirits, wisdom and perhaps truth (As Nietzsche said) are.  The Holy Spirit is female as well as male and GOD is both too.  Through what Jesus Christ did, he or she is able to come and bring us a cloak if you will of righteousness.  GOD, the Father, is pouring out His gifts on us, if only we would open our arms to receive Him-them.


It Gives Me Goose Bumps, p.1

To think, that like Adam who was and is called the son of GOD, we too are sons of GOD, through Jesus Christ our LORD and dare we say, our Brother.

Bloodlines, p.1

I was reading online, as I usually do.  I started reading on Spain, which is fascinating to me.  Not perfect, those Spanish are, but no one is, except One.  He is Jesus Christ, our LORD.  ^ The idea of blood and purity of the bloodline in culture is something I haven’t touched on very much.  Chinese are mostly thought by themselves to be pure, because they like many countries mostly keep to themselves.  But, is that really true?

Subcultures-people groups-whole countries have popped up, Guamanian culture is one of them, with this idea that the more Spanish blood you have, the more prestige.  They even have categories or castes based on the mix and percentage of pure blood.  That is what castes are in the Spanish sense.  Blood-based categories.  Fascinating.  But I’m sure it bit the big one to be in a lower category living in those times.  We’re very fortunate to have mostly abandoned this type of biased thinking.

When I think about my own cultural ancestry, honestly, it is a ‘mixed’ one as well.  And I suppose, most everyone’s is.  There is no pure blood.  Someone somewhere in our lineages had the open mindedness and open heart to love some else against all odds and against the whole world.  That is very beautiful to me.  And it should be celebrated.  For example, Taiwan, my country has a history like Guam, and many other small countries.  They were colonized, passed back and forth between major powers, and most recently independent.  My family has either Dutch or Spanish blood I’m told and I wouldn’t be surprised if we have Korean ancestry, as I am often pegged as one.  Is that why I like Kim Chee so much?  :-)  My hair was light brown when I was wee as my mother’s was.

So what’s my point?  Why do we war over these types of things?  As Christ said, let us be One, under the One GOD.  After all, we are all descended from Him, we are all brothers and sisters.  If you ever heard me called you ‘bro’, this is what I mean, in a philosophical sense.  I’m not black, hawaiian, not trying to take advantage of you, but would like you to know the truth of the brotherhood of all man.  But in the practical sense, we let differences of language, coloring, mannerisms, and such things divide us.  Why?  Communication is mostly based on mood, body language, emotion, and subtext isn’t it?  And if all dogs came from one dog, why can’t the different appearances of men be understood in the same way?  It is NOT impossible that a African and Chinese share a common ancestor.  It seems a great leap to go from curly hair to straight, but that is just more of a testament to the greatness of our Great Creator.  Not only do we reproduce, create, and heal – a great variety of art can come from our combination.