GOD’s gift to man – (W)oman

In Romans 5, we see that the gift of GOD and Jesus Christ is the Holy Spirit who as it says, follows to bring NOT condemnation (marked for destruction), but justification (marked for restoration and regeneration).

My wife’s name is Joanna,or gift of GOD or GOD is gracious or gives gifts.  Whenever I was having a time with her, I would hear a whisper saying, “But she’s my gift to you, don’t you want my gift?”  I never would lose her, but pray that we would be together through eternity, eons, lifetimes, and seasons as husband and wife.

But, I believe there are female spirits, wisdom and perhaps truth (As Nietzsche said) are.  The Holy Spirit is female as well as male and GOD is both too.  Through what Jesus Christ did, he or she is able to come and bring us a cloak if you will of righteousness.  GOD, the Father, is pouring out His gifts on us, if only we would open our arms to receive Him-them.

Just some thoughts, our culture might be too ‘puritan’.  Please don’t take offense.  I don’t know why, but modern society has now conventions, norms, and institutions that make it difficult for men and women to get together.  As the woman brings restoration and life, and eventually life with GOD.  The inverse should be true men bring restoration, life, and Life to women.  Maybe we should be getting together as soon as we can, and not perfecting ourselves for the one who would be.

As a married, I can honestly say that who I am would not be for GOD and my wife.  She has helped me become so much better and every time I think I am something, GOD shows me that she is so much better.  It’s very humbling and beautiful, it’s simple yet touching heaven.  Please don’t rush out and marry someone, but be happy where you are in life and with your ‘status’, but be encouraged and look forward to your day.

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