Regarding the Law of the LORD, p.1

I’m looking at Romans 5:12-14.  Please follow along if you have a Bible.  Here if you would, students of the Bible and or Faith, are a few things.  The first commandment by GOD to Adam was not to eat fruit from a certain tree. By eating of that tree, death came into the world.  So, we may say that the sin that entered the world was the eating of that fruit.  I’m not sure, maybe sin is referring to the actual act of eating that fruit, or maybe sin is about ‘wrong action’ – or acting in disobedience.  GOD says don’t do that, and we do it.

So there are a few ideas: Maybe the fruit was a poisoned fruit, that got into our DNA.  Adam and Eve ate it up and death is passed on to following generations.  Another thought is that death is the result of ‘evil works’ or sin.  For ‘the wages of sin is death’.  Or maybe it’s both.  We’re screwed either way.  It’s a double whoopper of death, served up for your pleasure.

And Christ tells us He does nothing that He has not seen the Father do.  Or rather, what He does, he ‘copies’ from His Father.  So, in practice, we should try our best to do the right thing, for people are watching.  But perhaps, sin is the performance of ‘wrong’, which is seen and reproduced by others over and over again.  Nature and Nurture, if you know what I mean.  Interestingly, this block of text says to me that before the giving of the Law by GOD and Moses, there was no account of sin against man.  So Law was ‘good’ in that did shaped up wrong behavior, but there was still the problem of the heart I’m thinking.  But, it was ‘bad’ in that now Man’s best and worst days were all on the Books.

Verse fourteen is the most exciting one, here we see that there were people who ‘did not sin’ from the time of Adam to Moses, yet they died.  Who were these people?  Not me, I mess up all the time.  Was Moses perfect?  No, we see that he struck the rock.  I venture to say that perhaps These were past incarnations of Jesus Christ our LORD or other Holy Men.  Who was Melchizedek but one of These.  And maybe Elijah was?  But if Elijah was and John the Baptist was Elijah, then what is the relationship between Jesus and John?  I’m thinking that perhaps John or Elijah as he said is the groomsman, the best friend of the Groom.  Jesus is the Groom, the Prince.  Our LORD Jesus died, and so did These.  John or Elijah sits at Jesus’ right, and Moses, the Prophet sits at His left.

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  1. jchenwa

     /  August 7, 2010

    Sorry, I have to write this before it leaves me, James and John’s mother asked Jesus to give them the best seats to His right and left. What did our LORD say? It is not for him to decide. But could they drink from His cup? The cup He spoke of was – His cup. Are you my family? Are you my brother, my son, close to me? Sitting to His right or left was not a matter of power and prestige and wealth, but of closeness and kinship with the LORD. The closeness to GOD is through His Spirit and in layman’s terms the gooder you are, the closer you are to GOD><the more you know Him, in a real relationship, the closer you are to Him. It's for you to decide. Whether you want to sit to his right or left or way down the hall or in another building is all up to you and GOD. It's a complicated thing as Christ said you will drink from my cup. You're decision and actions matter but it's also a matter of GOD's will, whether He will allow it.

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