Was MJ a Brother?

That sounds funny, but I daftly I meant was Michael Jackson a true brethren, follower of Jesus CHRIST and Holy Spirit of GOD.  Take for example these lyrics from his song, “You Are Not Alone”

-Something whispers in my ear and says

-You are not alone,

-I am here with you,

-Though you’re far away,

-I am here to stay,

-You are not alone,

-Though we’re far apart,

-You’re always in my heart.

I guess I’m, we’re not alone.  Which brings me to a subtopic: What does a righteous man of GOD look like?  Could he look like Michael Jackson, ‘the freak’ as some so kindly say.  All we’ve heard is his wildly popular and pleasing music and all kinds of media stories.  No one really knows Mr. Jackson except his family.  I’m guessing he was and probably always will be misunderstood.  But, inspired by holiness, very, very possible.

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