Some New Words, p.1

I didn’t make them up, from Google Word Verification:

phe – Greek for ‘speak’
ani – Hebrew for ‘I am, or I AM?’

Speak LORD

mul – Punjabi for ‘root’
zat – Turkish for ‘sit or seated’

to – English indicative of ‘motion’
Wandering? Or rootless?

again, Wandering? Should I rome or gel? :)

un – ‘not’
les – ‘leash’, Old English


-What’s that spell? The wander will not find freedom which is the LORD. Go home to GOD, make peace with your parents, honor them in the land of your fathers, and you will receive a piece (peace) and freedom like you have never experienced. As in the Tao, the nature of things is to return, ever returning. You can run, but you cannot hide. GOD wills His LOVE is irresistible.

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