The Truth Will Be All You Know

When you speak a lie, as we all know, your tongue gets a used to it.  And pretty soon, you have to tell a lie to cover that lie and then another to cover that one.  It’s not a good feeling to have to make up this and that, it’s kind of a panicky feeling.  I know.  And people usually can tell if we are not being straight with them, so to speak.  People don’t trust those they don’t find honest.  Totally, but loving, gentle, and thoughtful truth is usually the best policy, in my experience.

What I found to be the worst thing about living in a world of lies, is pretty soon you, yourself become deceived.  You will be unable to make decisions, enjoy life, and all kinds of bad feelings come.  Most of all, you become lost at some kind of levels and have a great sense of disturbance and no peace within.  It’s not just feelings, your life will become unstable and all kinds of trouble will result.  The only way out is to clean up your life one thought, one word, one act, one relationship at a time.  Only GOD can help, ask Him.

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