Jesus vs. Buddha?

WHO would win in a fight?  That’s the basic thinking we’re usually talking about.  If you catch my drift.  There is only ONE GOD, that much is true.  So why do people fight over woes GOD is stronger?  It is idolatry.  They are pitting their ‘made up gods’ against each other.  As well as leading themselves into death and destruction.  To those who believe in Buddha, it’s good to be searching and seeking after GOD.  GOD will only help you, b/c He has every interest to and no reason to harm you.  I believe in the Christ, also GOD.  Why?  Because He is the only One I know, and maybe it is better that way.  Lame, but another reason for you to know this Person is to go before Him, as you do other characters in the temple and just maybe Once, thank Him for what He did.  The Christ sacrificed himself to provide for the purification of sins.  Know one really knows all that is going on in the Heavenlies, but according to the Bible, the Christ is the Son of GOD, not just a son of righteousness meaning a ‘good person’, He is the only begotten, of the same essence, son of the Most High.  He is THE PRINCE.  I don’t really understand all that.  But, over time maybe I’ll understand.  But, GOD will still go on loving us no matter what, and he’ll keep disciplining us no matter what, but a recognition of Jesus sacrifice is just a nice thing to do, and maybe required.  Just my thoughts, humbly, -j

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