My Feet Washed, NOw What?

I was taking a bath earlier, and the time when Jesus started to wash his disciples’ feet came to mind. What does that mean? And when Peter asked enthusiastically to have other of him washed, Jesus said something like if your feet are clean, your whole body is clean. This statement confused me for a while, until now.

We can see that the LORD Jesus told us to serve one another, even doing something as ‘low’ as washing one another’s feet, if needed. But what else can I see about this topic? I believe, the LORD was talking about human nature. It is not in our nature to serve. It doesn’t come naturally. When we come out of the womb, we needed everything done for us. We have to learn how to serve. I noticed that often I’m too preoccupied to even wash my own feet. Look at your feet. Look at your wife’s feet, if you have one. Or husband’s feet. Aren’t they kind of jacked up? Your toe nails are cut wrong, there’s probably crud under your nails, there’s dry spots here and there, cracked skin, and LORD forbid fungus!

Why are the feet neglected? Because they are low, low down there. It is hard to reach down there, we’re often too lazy to. So, the LORD is saying if you have the patience, attention, love to care for your whole body even your feet. If your feet are clean. Really clean and healthy, then no doubt your whole body is in good shape.

But what does this say about human nature again? Step by step. Priorities and foundations. If you are not able to totally care for yourself. What does this say about your ability to care for others? I’m not saying don’t even try to care for others, that would make us selfish. But, just look around. Are you really taking care of things? Or are you waiting for others to do it for you? Just some thoughts. Humbly, -j

Leadership basics, p.3

You must follow well, to lead well. That’s is where the basis of your ‘right’ to lead comes from. You’ve put in the time, you’ve listened and submitted or will, you know that EVERYONE this side of heaven must come under authority (it all is under the LORD Jesus Christ), you know that when you’ve been placed or ‘anointed’ into a position of authority, you have been appointed by GOD himself. So exercise your authority, but always with love, justice, patience, mercy, hope, and faith, among others. Always do your best! Be encouraged!

Those of you who want to lead, be a GOOD leader. One that cares, one that shares. But being a good leader also means fighting for what is right. Leading by example, and doing what is right even if the whole world doesn’t agree. It can mean ‘forcing’ with love, even if you don’t’ want to. But, communication and expression of caring is very important. Although people might misunderstand you, you have to help them understand. Cappesh? Those who lead, must understand that your followers sometimes don’t know the Way, and want to go their way. Everyone wants to go a thousand different ways, often the way of the self. But, deep down inside they know the right way. And you who have strength must trust in GOD, because through Him you know what is right and wrong. He will give you strength to lead, you are in essence being strong FOR your followers, and showing how it is to do right and you are reflecting the might that comes from being right. It isn’t the other way around.

When Youre Ready, the One Will Appear

Who is the one? It is GOD, the TRUE One and Only. But if you are not marrid and waiting for that one, at the risk of sounding like a condesending prick, take time to work on you. Because when you are ready to love and care for someone, GOD will provide. That’s actually misleading, for the Way to prepare for a ‘commission’ to care and love someone, is to go the Way of selfishlessness. Open your heart. And be of good courage, for life is not perfect, taking the chance makes it an adventure. Believing in GOD is a great leap, too, but you did that. -Love the LORD.

Elijah the Prophet, p.4

It’s Saturday, so this will be brief. Elijah was the man of GOD. Upon careful reading, he did things only cause GOD commanded, told him to. He really was not in it to win it, so to speak; not doing things for himself. He was a servant. We all heard of how great he was at the Mount Carmel challenge to the prophets of Jezebel. But we see in verse 36 of 1 Kings 18:

At the time of sacrifice, the prophet Elijah stepped forward and prayed: “O LORD, God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, let it be known today that you are God in Israel and that I am your servant and have done all these things at your command.

At GOD’s command.

Interestingly, there is something called the Spirit of Elijah which is described as turning the hearts of the Fathers back to the sons and the sons back to the fathers.

An Important Work

What is important work? What is worth doing? I confess I have been swyed by the world on this one, and only now I am redefining my ideas about work and activity. After watching, LORD of the Rings, the hobbits work of dropping the ring into the fire doesn’t seem that hard or important. But it was a job only they could do, and ultimately it was that seemingly insignificant act that brought down the power of evil tumbling down. Everyone bowed to the humble hobbits in the end. It’s the same in the home, just because many women or men don’t ‘make money’ doesn’t mean the work isn’t worth anything, that it isn’t worth doing. In our busy, busy world, we define work worth doing by how much money it makes. And it shouldn’t be that way.

Walking in the Light, Metaphysically and Bampfing

Walking in the light as said by said Author of Book of Jon, is to be honest about your deeds, and honest about who you are. Taking it up a notch, walking in the light is Living in the land of light in the Kingdom of GOD, which is in your heart but may be a different dimension — a different level of living on this earth. When you are living in communion and true relationship with GOD the Jesus Christ, you are phased into the Kingdom eventually, but disobedience takes you not from the earth, but you are living in a totally different metaphysically reality, still on this earth. It’s a kin to having heaven on earth or hell on earth, it’s your choice. Heaven on earth is achieved with GOD, hell is what we make of it.

The Sabbath, or Shavout, p.1

The principle of Sabbath is simple. GOD loves us and DOESN’T want us to work that hard. We are not slaves, we are free people. Sabbath is actually very rich and meaningful and can be understood on many, many levels. For example, Sabbath to me is an actual day of the week. I agree with many Christians, the Seven0day Adventists that it is Saturday. On that day, I don’t leave the house. But it goes beyond that, the rest is not just being lazy, it is also being unafraid of enemies and trouble coming upon you. It is, if I may posit, also having peace within your soul. At this point in my time or journey, Sabbath is about obedience.

Study of Jeremiah 13:12-14

Pls see the above verse. What are your thoughts? Let’s keep in mind wineskins are us. People are ‘wineskins’, says the LORD. So at a practical level, wine is good for us, if we want to drink. But what does wine really represent? It represent joy. We should be happy people, and not let things get us down. How’s that done? By practicing patience, understanding, and contentment. Contentment is a big one. One that I still struggle with. Holy Spirit is also characterized by wine, wine points to the Holy Spirit of the One True GOD as the only way to TRUE HAPPINESS or joy. How do we now receive the Holy Spirit? The Spirit is a Gift from above, as a promise of inheritance. It is a sign and a seal. Or HE or SHE, depends. One only becomes family or a son of GOD through Jesus Christ. You must go to Him and ask for the forgiveness of sins, which He holds among All. It is an ongoing process. Next, submit to Him your everything, that could that a while.

Confessions, p.6 – GOD the Father, I am GOD?

Psychologist have told us that children develop their concepts of GOD from seeing how their own fathers are. It sounded interesting hearing it from CHristian educators, but in my short life thus far, in a sample size of two, it is true, true. Both of my friends have fathers they never knew, and so they both developed Agnostic religious view. One of them is my son, who I’ve not known, but hope to – to a degree. Seems so. But I’m not sure.

GOD is sovereign, and His Will is always done, maybe not perfectly, but GOD is the Power and is irresistable. I do not accept that I am a god ‘substitute’, no matter what GOD is Who He is, and is always in charge. Children, in my humble opinion, may do better if they are taught that they are unique creatures. The role of the father is to help the son grow into who GOD wants Him to be. Another role of the father, I believe, is to help the son realize that GOD is the true FATHER, and everything comes from Him and exists for Jesus. The sooner the son can develop a real relationship with the FATHER, through Jesus Christ, the better. Help the son see GOD all around.

Confessions, p. 5

I’m not a winner by anyone’s standards really. If you saw me pass by in Guam, you’d think now there’s a guy I could look up to, be like. But, no, really, all credit goes to the LORD Jesus CHrist. If you ask me, I’ll always just flatly tell you, I’m only what I am because I am a son. My life is good on Guam, because I received from my rich daddy and mommy. I have become very capable since I’ve returned home. No doubt, through GOD and the many people he’s so artfully placed in my life. But, I’m not a really good breadwinner. I’m not good at earning. I’m fortunately or unfortunately depending on how one views it, just an hier.

Everything, everthing, is all from others, or ultimately GOD. I am an living example of nothingness. I could, believe it or not, just leave everthing and anything I have (not the people, of course). What I’m trying to say is that, I’m starting to see that the TRUE TREASURES are those we carry with us, within. They say you can’t take it with you. Yes, the material stuff, we can’t. But, the stuff inside us, the spiritual stuff or gifts we can. And I think that’s what the LORD is talking about.

Great Words, p.2?

“Let Your Kingdom come,
Here in my heart…
And I will live to carry your compassion,
To love a world that’s broken,
To be Your hands & feet,

And I will give with the life that I’ve been given,
& go beyond religion,
To see this world be changed,”

To here more, go to YouTube, Lincoln’s Brewster’s By the Power of Your Name. Prophecy by music.

Do the 2 Step, Believe and Confess

According to the Hebrew Bible, the book of Romans, the Way to GOD is first to believe, have faith.  Faith comes by hearing so find that VOICE of GOD and stay tuned.  Even for me, there are people that I listen to.  When you have faith, and you can feel it, and know it.  When you have faith, you then confess, speak, act in the obedience to the word, Word of GOD.  That’s the 2 Step or cha-cha-cha.

GOD, He never changes, really?

If GOD never changes, and Jesus said He didn’t come to abolish the Law, then the Law stands and the ONE place of worship is still Jerusalem.  Like Muslims and their Mecca, Israelites and spiritual Jews, NEED to go home once a year at the Feast of Tabernacles, as ordered by GOD, the One and Only.

The Tithe, Really?

Don’t believe everything people tell you, rad the Bible yourself!  What is the tithe?  A $15 blockbuster gift certifcate mail’d to you FREE for the best answer.  C’mon. Not all people are eligible for the prize, no family members of the ‘company’ ;

Pass On Your Prophecies

Not everything GOD give us is for us.  Some are to pass on, like prophecies.  I have heard prophecies given to my pastor or yesteryears, which He might have thought was for him, I don’t know.  But now, I know it was for me.  One given to me, now I know is for my wife.  Belongings, cash, other stuff is of like, we often are to pass things on.

Love Yourself, p.1

What I’ve finally learned these last years is you have to love yourself.  You have to esteem and value yourself, because if you don’t then no one else will.  Maybe your husband or wife will help if you have deficiency in that, but parents should have filled you up with that knowledge, love, and confidence.  It’s not their fault, parents always do the best they can, they love you with all their hearts, but sometimes that’s not enough. 

I really believe a big part or reason people don’t have the success they want, is they don’t believe they can have it or they deserve it.  Sure, a lot of hard work and working with other people is involved.  Why can’t you have a good job?  If you are a good person that follows and works hard, why not? 

It is just like in real estate rentals.  You could in desperation, rent out to any tenant who will give you a hard time and disrespect your property, FOR THE MONEY.  Or you could wait, and set up STANDARDS, to screen for a GOOD tenant, and enjoy smooth sailing, someone who will TAKE CARE of your property AND money in your pocket.  Or another example, is I’m seeing there are a LOT of low-ballers in eBay.  They don’t care about you, being ‘shameless’, they just offer you a price for something you’re selling low, low, low.  They are trying to catch someone who is desperate to sell.  If my wife and I were not desperate to leave Guam for Seattle back in 2008, we would not have sold our properties for so little. (more…)