Love Yourself, p.1

What I’ve finally learned these last years is you have to love yourself.  You have to esteem and value yourself, because if you don’t then no one else will.  Maybe your husband or wife will help if you have deficiency in that, but parents should have filled you up with that knowledge, love, and confidence.  It’s not their fault, parents always do the best they can, they love you with all their hearts, but sometimes that’s not enough. 

I really believe a big part or reason people don’t have the success they want, is they don’t believe they can have it or they deserve it.  Sure, a lot of hard work and working with other people is involved.  Why can’t you have a good job?  If you are a good person that follows and works hard, why not? 

It is just like in real estate rentals.  You could in desperation, rent out to any tenant who will give you a hard time and disrespect your property, FOR THE MONEY.  Or you could wait, and set up STANDARDS, to screen for a GOOD tenant, and enjoy smooth sailing, someone who will TAKE CARE of your property AND money in your pocket.  Or another example, is I’m seeing there are a LOT of low-ballers in eBay.  They don’t care about you, being ‘shameless’, they just offer you a price for something you’re selling low, low, low.  They are trying to catch someone who is desperate to sell.  If my wife and I were not desperate to leave Guam for Seattle back in 2008, we would not have sold our properties for so little.If we look in the Bible, GOD Cares deeply about fairness, fairness when it comes to money.  Bosses are supposed to pay fairly, even well, and on time.  It’s important.  Sure, everyone wants to make a buck, but I believe our approach can be to always deal fairly and take care of others and GOD promises to do some things that will prosper us.  There are many other blessings, check them out in the books of Exodus to Deuteronomy.

-He will ‘rebuke the devourer’.  Ever get a paycheck, so happy, right?  Then something happens.  Your car breaks down, someone needs to borrow money, etc.  And your paycheck just got wiped out.  It’s akin to in the olden days, after much hard work, you have a beautiful harvest of wheat.  Only to have a swarm of locust come and eat it all up, before you harvest.  Doh!  GOD can protect your stuff.

-He will bless the work of your hands.  GOD can and will help you succeed in whatever you do.  We’ve all tried to do things, and not everything works.  You get the idea.

Let me add, we have to obey His laws too.  Or no blessings.  Another part of why we come not to expect much, is we don’t see success.  But success is not unattainable.  We just have to follow what GOD wants.  He says in His Word, (paraphrase), He struck your harvest, and stopped your well up, but you still did not turn to Him.  GOD limits our successes so we will go to Him and ask or ask Him is there anything we aren’t doing or doing wrong?

Back to loving ourselves.  Let’s lighten up, emotionally (be happy) and literally (have less stuff).  If one stops to think, in the late night, when we’re all done with our work, our lives are like a rat race or hamster running in a wheel.  We’re just working so hard to get things that maybe we don’t even want, to maintain these things in our lives like a house, car, toys, etc.  Is that really living?  Is that what life is all about?  Sometimes I feel so trapped.  Back to loving ourselves, ahem, we have to learn to say no to people.  Because ALL people are selfish and just want to help themselves or their families.  At the best, we can strive for even trades, but don’t let other people take you.  Sometimes you feel GOD is leading you to do that, I guess I can’t really say.  But, if I were your father, I would protect you, and advise you to protect your own interests. 

I used to extend unnecessary and undeserved generosity, when people would overstep or just plain take advantage, I would later get angry.  Now, I’m seeing that I, or my wife and I, just have to shut the door, so to speak.  We have to say, no.  Because people are all like that.  Unless someone, truly does not have an interest, they will always act for that vestment or in their own interest.  My wife and I are like that too, unless we’re not people.  The closest people to unselfish would be YOUR OWN PARENTS.  The only who is unselfish is GOD ALMIGHTY.

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