Confessions, p. 5

I’m not a winner by anyone’s standards really. If you saw me pass by in Guam, you’d think now there’s a guy I could look up to, be like. But, no, really, all credit goes to the LORD Jesus CHrist. If you ask me, I’ll always just flatly tell you, I’m only what I am because I am a son. My life is good on Guam, because I received from my rich daddy and mommy. I have become very capable since I’ve returned home. No doubt, through GOD and the many people he’s so artfully placed in my life. But, I’m not a really good breadwinner. I’m not good at earning. I’m fortunately or unfortunately depending on how one views it, just an hier.

Everything, everthing, is all from others, or ultimately GOD. I am an living example of nothingness. I could, believe it or not, just leave everthing and anything I have (not the people, of course). What I’m trying to say is that, I’m starting to see that the TRUE TREASURES are those we carry with us, within. They say you can’t take it with you. Yes, the material stuff, we can’t. But, the stuff inside us, the spiritual stuff or gifts we can. And I think that’s what the LORD is talking about.

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